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Comrade Osei, Professor, Nana Nyanfeku Nyeku II: Hear the voices united of your comrades of the Socialist Forum
of Ghana calling to perform our formal separation from you, having had time to wear down somewhat the severity of the pain that your sudden demise has inflicted.
This formal act of separation allows for re-living our very many moments of invigorating collaboration in activism, in reflection, in study of Marxist theory, in research, in sharing with the broader publc, in organizing. Stretching over twenty years.
Recalling your presence is doing a bit of the history of the
Socialist Forum of Ghana.
We hop over the preparatory consultations to the uncertain
beginnings in Winneba in the year 2000. Weekly meetings,
without fail, spanning more than two years; with comrades from
Accra and Cape Coast converging at the junction in Winneba.
Procedural meetings that, among other accomplishments, re-set
the Insight newspaper. And much later, in Accra, the summit that
constructed a trajectory for the PanAfrican Television. And study
sessions on Marxist theory. The occasion never offered itself to
tell you while you were still part of this world how crucial your
inputs, during these sessions, were. Professor of philosophy, you
must have, you should have been cognizant of the impact of your
leadership in unravelling some of the more challenging areas of Marxist theory, particularly dialectical materialism, that we needed to grasp to be able to move on. We recall equally your well received public interventions in Accra on platforms erected by the Socialist Forum of Ghana.
We did garner traction in Winneba. That allowed the transition to the Freedom Centre in Accra where the study sessions continued.
The Amilcar Cabral School in Aburi is yet another transition where you manifested an engaging presence in procedural meetings
and study sessions. One abiding outcome of the procedural meetings in Aburi is the comprehensive study plan that you led a team made up of two other comrades to develop for the Amilcar
Cabral School. Regarding the seminars at the Amilcar Cabral School, those of us who sat through your interventions on
dialectical materialism still talk about the animated reactions of participants, international and local. Your exposés—on the two modes of reflection (materialism and idealism) as well as the two
methods of reflection (dialectics and metaphysics)—got participants after heated debates with you each time, to face
unexamined presuppositions of the religious outlook. Comrade Osei, Professor, Nana Nyanfeku Nyeku II: You are a
presence gone, specially striking each time we congregate in
Aburi. We know we will fill the void created. We shall keep
working at it. That is to say we shall not let off adding to what
we have built with you. That is to say we shall carry the
movement forward, as part of the worldwide struggle for the
achievement of socialism.
Our final word, Comrade: a luta continua! Vitoria e certa

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