JM must not concede

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Pic: JM visits injured from shooting at Techiman. Credit: UTV

By: Ambassador Alhaji Abdul-Rahman Harruna Attah, MOV

“Thou hast it now: king, Cawdor, Glamis, all,
As the weird women promised, and I fear
Thou played’st most foully for’t.”*
*Banquo in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
One life too many
Does it matter to Nana Akufo-Addo? Does it matter Jean Mensa? From
the look of things, not at all! Why should they be bothered, when they
think they have achieved their objective of stealing an election verdict?
But to patriotic Ghanaians, every Ghanaian life matters…One person’s
life lost in an election, is one life too many. I joined President Mahama
last week when he called on Ghanaians to observe a minute’s silence to
our slain compatriots in memoriam – victims of Election 2020 extra
judicial killings, who died in order for Jean Mensa (EC Chair) to call her
elections for Nana Addo…I wonder if Nana Addo and/or Madam Mensa
even noticed Mahama’s honour to the dead.
From that day in 2018 when Mr. Akufo-Addo forced Madam Charlotte
Osei, then EC Chair, out of office, and brought in Jean Mensa, the
objective was clear: to manipulate the electoral process, fair or foul, but
mostly foul, to entrench the little old man from Kyebi in office…That
they would be so brazen as to make the process degenerate into
bloodshed was something I did not expect would come to pass. But it
With all the manipulation of the system by the EC to favour AkufoAddo, Mahama did come out tops. He campaigned better, he had clear
messages and did not have the kind of money to splash in campaign
spend as did Nana Addo and the NPP, but by the close of the polls,
Mahama’s acceptance by the people was never in doubt. As the NPP
tumbled from one constituency to the other, eventually losing its
majority from 2016, the NDC gained the upper hand and harvested
enough constituencies to give it a claim on majority, conferring on it the
right to lead the next parliament and nation.
The performance of the NDC at the parliamentary level alone should tell
Nana Addo and the NPP that it’s been a referendum against them. They
have lost the trust of the people, hence the vote of no confidence that has
been entered by the people through their parliamentary showing…For an
incumbent, that boasted of such a huge majority before the elections, to
now be scrounging and thieving around for figures to bolster its
parliamentary numbers, is not only pathetic but embarrassing. They may
try to put a brave face to it but the honest ones (if indeed there are any)
among them would own up to the fact that “3nkor yie”!
The nation has rejected them. By helping perpetrate the grand larceny,
the EC is telling us that Ghanaians are so irresponsibly gullible that they
voted for four more years of PDS, AMERI, Kelvin GVG, Bost
contaminated oil sale, Agyapa, Agyapade3, financial institution closures,
family and friends, useless nation-dividing cathedral, and all the other
negatives that led their own Martin Amidu to describe Nana AkufoAddo as the “Mother Serpent” of corruption. Martin resigned and told
Ghanaians about the tyrant parading as head of state of Ghana …
Nana Addo’s dubious claim to the Ghanaian presidency, a la Jean
Mensa, drips with the blood of innocent Ghanaians. There’s evidence
showing battle ready troops shooting live rounds of ammo into civilians
assembling for redress.
Though the thievery denies him any legitimacy, every shed drop of the
blood of Ghanaians makes him culpable. That to me, should take centre
stage in the 2020 election narrative. We cannot and should not reward
someone with the high office of president when there are questions of
shedding of Ghanaian blood following him. He inspired the violence that
led to the bloodshed of Election 2020. At the time of writing (Tuesday
evening) I was yet to see evidence that Nana Addo had either expressed
sorrow, remorse, or condolence. He has also not instituted any public
hearing into the deaths.
Where are the pillars of society? Where is the National Peace Council?
Where are the CSOs? Where is the media? Where are the men and
women of God? The Christian Council…Where are the traditional
rulers? I can’t believe that we are sweeping this under the carpet!
If you ask me, President Mahama, apart from insisting on the right thing
being done by the EC, is on equally sound footing with these murders
unresolved. He must neither concede nor congratulate anybody with
Ghanaian blood asking for justice…With that, he has the backing of
almost seven million of us who genuinely voted for him and more who
did not vote at all.
If Nana Addo and his apologists think these are numbers to scoff at, then
their disdain for Ghana is even more insidious than I ever imagined.
With all the inordinately vulgar amounts they spent in branding the
country with Nana Addo’s leering image and NPP logo (on hoardings,
billboards, posters, radio/tv/print) and the claim of doing so well in
running the nation these past 4 years and it was only a measly 51% they
could manage, it should tell them that, these elections were not won by
Akufo-Addo and the NPP, they were snatched…
JM must not cede the moral high ground he is occupying. He must not
bow to fraud. He should treat with contempt the hypocrisy and
cowardice of those spineless people stampeding him into the quagmire
of their littleness… The over 6 million of us who voted for him stand by
him – and in fact, Nana Addo did not have much more than that, even
with all the cheating. Above all, EVERY GHANAIAN LIFE
MATTERS! Who cries for the slain?

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