Extend Your 26 days Illegal Leave To Permanent Leave And Never Return- ASEPA Charges On EC

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Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) Executive Director Mensah Thompson, made this assertions in a Facebook post reacting to EC announcing to the public that it has taking a break from the 23rd of December, 2020 to the 19th of January, 2021.

According to him, elections in Ghana have three phases, the pre- election activities, election activities and post- election activities. As a state institution, you have organised an elections, there are a lot disputes surrounding some of the constituency, without giving a thought on the country’s peace, you are breaking and returning the 19th January.

” As we speak the EC has not concluded all it’s post election activities which includes resolving all outstanding issue from the election. Secondly, the EC is a public institution and the law mandates specific holidays for public sector workers as enshrined in Act 986.”

Mensah Thompson

Mensah Thompson disclosed that, the law of this country mandates 21 day annual leave for all public sector workers including EC officials, he quizzes the 26 day leave is deductible from their annual leave? If not, the EC is ascribing itself 47 days annual leave contrary to 21 days stipulated in the constitution. This is illegal for any public institution to ascribe holidays beyond 21 days.

He lamented on the 26 days illegal leave from work and it must as well make it permanent leave never to return to their positions. So we deserve accountability from them any action they take.

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