My Contribution to the China/Africa Conversation.

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I asked the Chinese why they have succeeded so spectacularly. They said: “we work hard and we copy (and improve on) anyone who does something better than us. We have also kept things like medical practices from 1000s of years ago.”

I asked today about how they had built a very complex ecosystem that landed a leading edge medical centre? Answer: “President Xi supports the project. And we saw the project will benefit the people. After that, the Chinese way is that we will come together to deliver. “

I had to ask the question 3 times. Because they believed that the answer was obvious.

I could not say, in my country, our President pledged to end illegal mining even if it cost him the Presidency. Many of us believe that the banning of illegal mining will be good for us. Yet , 6 years on the problem has worsened.

The Chinese told me they attract the best in the world when they retire. Because they believe that most people have only really mastered their profession at 60.

We who had 90 year old chiefs, met the European and decided to make our experts redundant at 60.

I have never believed anyone can become my master if I do not allow it. I also know that which I do not know cannot inspire me.

There is not one bone in my body that doubts ASIA, not just China, will determine the future of the world. Africa has choices to make. The ones we have made so far have taken us nowhere.

In Ghana in 2023, we still send out teenagers, in one of our so-called best schools, to chant praises for a racist colonial Governor.

As Kobina Sekyi asked: “Has the African a God?”

Yaw Nsarkoh,

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