Still on the China example…

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Sitting in Naning. Their elite scientists are explaining to me that there are 7,000 centenarians living here.

The gut strains of these centenarians are diligently studied by biotechnologists for the development of a pharmaceutical industry that promotes longevity through vitamins, minerals and supplements.

This year, the UN declared China the first country in human history to have completely eliminated poverty.

The US, with a population much less than a 3rd of China’s, by comparison has 12.5 million people living in poverty.

And in Ghana, we have elite intellectuals defending sending teenagers to sing praises to a racist, colonial Governor in one of its leading schools.

I sometimes think Ghana will be recolonised soon. We are not a serious people. I am very sad to see these specimens, hopefully a minority, that continue to insist it is alright to sing praises to Gordon Guggisberg, a patently racist, colonialist governor.

Yaw Nsarkoh,

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