Boycott Campaign denounces hosting Gantz on Al-Ghad Channel

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The Boycott campaign – Palestine condemned the hosting of the Minister of the Israeli Army, Benny Gantz, last Sunday on the Al-Ghad channel, which broadcasts from Cairo and is supported by the United Arab Emirates.

“How painful it is to see a channel from Cairo hosting those whose hands are stained with the blood of our Palestinian people, for Gantz is responsible for war crimes against the Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip,” said Baraa Lafi, a member of the boycott campaign.

She added, “How shameful it is for us to see them in public with our Arab media as guests without shame.”

Lafi considered hosting Gantz as “an unforgivable moral crime and a provocation to the feelings of the Palestinian people and the free Arab peoples.”

She called on Al-Ghad Channel to retreat from this “disgraceful behavior,” and to offer an immediate apology to the Arab citizen in general, calling on the free people all over the world to stop watching the channel until it broadcasts its official apology for its actions.Source : Safa

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