A Certain Generation of ‘Rebels’ Emerging in Ghana – Prof. Joseph Osafo fears for the youth

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Professor Joseph Osafo

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Head of Psychology at the University of Ghana, Professor Joseph Osafo has cast fears over the kind of generations cropping up in Ghana.

According to him, the youth of today need the right orientation to fit well into society or else they will become social misfits.

He complained about the mentality of the youth towards life and the country stressing a survey indicates about 66 percent of them believe they won’t get employment in the years ahead, hence this might push them to resort to all kinds of bad behaviour.

Prof. Joseph Osafo, speaking to host Nana Yaw Kesseh on Peace FM’s ”Kokrokoo”, called on the government to adopt policies that will transform the lives of the youth.

He praised the Akufo-Addo administration for the introduction and implementation of its free SHS programme but asked for more social interventions to help churn out responsible future leaders.

“I have seen that a certain generation is emerging. It’s emerging and there are critical questions to be asked. In every generation, you will get leaders who maybe Prophet or political saviour who will rise and say follow me. You will also get followers. Then, you will get rebels and this is what is very disturbing. With the rebels, they are very wild. They rise against the ideals. They rise against the values.”

“COVID-19 and its attendant effects are shaping a certain generation. If there is this widespread desperation and the fear of hopelessness that the future is not bright but bleak . . .it should disturb you and it fits in with what Nana Addo said that we have to be careful about terrorists in West Africa,” he said.