UN calls to investigate, hold accountable those responsible for repression of Ramallah demonstrations

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UN Human Rights in Palestine said that it is shocked by the conduct of the Palestinian Security Forces in Ramallah yesterday 26 June.

“Our team present witnessed use of brutal force against demonstrators and saw the work of journalists and human rights organisations prevented,” it said in a statement.

“We continue to monitor and will be raising our concerns directly with the relevant authorities. Palestinian Authority must guarantee freedom of expression, opinion and assembly,” it added

“The use of force by security forces must be controlled by the government. Excessive or unwarranted force must be investigated and those responsible, including those ordering it, must be held to account,” it stressed.

On Saturday evening, security forces in civilian clothes attacked a march condemning the killing of a political opponent Nizar Banat, causing injuries, and a number of journalists were directly injured during their coverage of the march.Source : Safa