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28th March 2022

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Abraham Koomson

Having critically analysed the measures being applied by Government to save the ailing economy to mitigate the escalating high cost of living, the Ghana Federation of Labour considers the reduction of the fuel price by 15 pesewas as worrying because the high level of increases in the price of the commodity continue regularly in infinity as the situation erodes benefits of negotiated salaries and working conditions of employees.

Our Federation expected a drastic cut in the number of Ministers and Presidential staffers to free up the loaded budget of the Executive and significant reduction in the multiple Taxes afflicting the fuel price determinant to make a meaningful impact on the economy.

Again, in the medium term we considered absolute need for government to focus attention on creating a congenial environment for local raw materials production for manufacturing of goods. For instance the revival of Cotton production in the country to feed the Textile manufacturing industry and other Agricultural produce for consumption and local processing instead of dependence on expensive imported raw materials for local processing.

We observe that the interests of workers are being sacrificed under government austerity due to reckless actions by some Ministers and appointees – a classical example resulting in financial loss to the state and creating unemployment is the unilateral decision of the Roads Minister to close down Toll Booths across the country.

It is our hope that government will revisit the measures being adopted aimed at addressing the challenges facing the Ghanaian economy, fix the enormous waste to be able to achieve results which will impact positively on the lives of workers.

Abraham Koomson

Secretary General

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