Palestine Fights Back!

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10 October 2023 By A-APRP

On a daily basis, much of the world stands silent while Zionists and Israeli butchers, murder Palestinian civilians, with a particular focus on children and youth. The over 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza effectively live in an open air prison without any rights, freedom of movement, or control of their lives, and are denied self-determination. Crying “enough is enough,” Hamas-led fighters courageously carried out a well-coordinated offensive against their oppressors. In response, Israel has declared war against the Palestinian people, labeling them terrorists and claiming the attack to be unprovoked. But the fact of the matter is, Israel declared war on Palestine in 1948 when over 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their ancestral lands. In recent times, Israel has exponentially increased their violence and dispossession of the Palestinian people. The present response is simply an act of organized resistance to decades of Israeli aggression. It is an attempt to end Israel’s inhumane persecution of the Palestinian people– a crime against humanity. 

Without provocation, Israeli settlers routinely raid and attack Palestinian villages, killing and injuring people, burning and destroying Palestinian homes, cars, shops and farms, killing livestock, and cutting down olive trees, a key element in the Palestinian economy. Israel keeps a “knee on the neck” of every Palestinian man, woman, or child, making life unbearable for them. Israel’s goal is to force the Palestinians off of their own land, sending them into exile in other countries, as Israel builds new settlements, further expanding their illegal occupation. These perpetrators are never held accountable. On the contrary, they are rewarded with increased access to stolen land. Not only do the powerful Western imperialist nations refuse to challenge Israel’s crimes, they support them, declaring that Israel “has a right to defend itself,” or labeling any criticism of Israeli policies as “anti-semitic” or “supporting terrorism.” The United States government picks-up much of the cost. Israel has been one of the top US aid recipients for decades, most recently receiving pledges of more than 38 billion US dollars over a 10 year period, plus additional funding for missiles.

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party unequivocally condemns the 75 years of Israeli settler colonialism. As we have consistently pointed out, Zionism is racism. These same Zionist forces train the police and military in Africa and around the world to repress dissent by oppressed and exploited people. Israel is also a guarantor of imperialist access to Africa’s vast material resources. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their legitimate national aspirations. We uncompromisingly support their inalienable right to self-determination and freedom in their independent State of Palestine. 

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