JM Must Not Concede

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Ambassador Alhaji Abdul-Rahman Harruna Attah, MOV

Pic: JM visits injured from shooting at Techiman. Credit: UTV

“Thou hast it now: king, Cawdor, Glamis, all,
As the weird women promised, and I fear
Thou played’st most foully for’t.”*
*Banquo in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth

One life too many
Does it matter to Nana Akufo-Addo? Does it matter Jean Mensa? From the look of things, not at all! Why should they be bothered, when they think they have achieved their objective of stealing an election verdict? But to patriotic Ghanaians, every Ghanaian life matters…One person’s life lost in an election, is one life too many. I joined President Mahama last week when he called on Ghanaians to observe a minute’s silence to our slain compatriots in memoriam – victims of Election 2020 extra judicial killings, who died in order for Jean Mensa (EC Chair) to call her elections for Nana Addo…I wonder if Nana Addo and/or Madam Mensa even noticed Mahama’s honour to the dead.

From that day in 2018 when Mr. Akufo-Addo forced Madam Charlotte

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