Israeli court approves building an elevator for settlers in Ibrahimi Mosque

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Central Israeli Occupation Court approved a building permit related to the construction of an elevator for settlers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

The Director-General of the Hebron Reconstruction Committee, Imad Hamdan, considered that the occupation decision comes within the framework of the occupation policy aimed at Judaizing the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Hamdan pointed out that the occupation claims that the goal of establishing the elevator is humanitarian, but it is a settlement decision aimed at seizing the largest possible area of ​​the mosque’s yards and facilities and changing its historical and cultural features.


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The Lawyer of the Reconstruction Committee, Tawfiq Jahshin, emphasized that the settlement decision is covered with a humanitarian character, as the court approved the plans and maps which seek to seize approximately 300 square meters of the mosque’s yards and accompanying them for the purpose of establishing this elevator.

“We will appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court against the decision and a request to freeze it,” Jahshin added.

It is worth noting that the Israeli occupation authorities and settler groups continue to implement dangerous Judaization projects in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

Source : Safa

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