In those years when a family member traveled abroad or to far places…

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Before and After Smartphone]

Before Smartphone.
In those years when a family member traveled abroad or to far places in Nigeria, the whole family would turn to prayer warriors because of anxiety for safety & where the traveler had reached. Some family members might even contact prophet, Alfa or Babalawo to know the state of thing with the traveler since there was quick way of feedback by the traveler except by letter when he gets to his/her destination. And the contacted clergy men would be doing kurukere kurukere to the family with their Bible, Quran & Opele making a sort of “Baba Ijebu” forecast of the safety or otherwise on the traveler. Either way, the clergy won in the spiritual business as the family must pay for their service.

Now with Smartphone.
That old exploitative spiritual business of predicting the safety of traveler is gone and gone for good. Travelers and family and friends do communicate per minute / per hour now right from the motor park, train station or airport, and they do regularly with calls, text message, whatsapp with pictures and by other instant means. No more anxiety about where your traveling relatives are, so no need to engage prayer warriors or prophet to prophesy. And in case of accident or delay, instant communication is guaranteed. Thanks to science and technology not fasting and prayer

In a flight from Senegal to Mali, the pilot pre- informed us that we would have a turbulent flight with an assurance of no cause for alarm. He’s not a prophet of doom, he’s only conveying a well verified information courtesy of science and technology that made the cloud readable by him. True to his information, we entered one of the most turbulent flights I had ever witnessed and the pilot continued to reassure us that he’s fully in control, of course courtesy of technology.

Come and see my African people in-flight o. They turned the whole place into a prayer and worship centre with their Bible and Quran. If they had done their prayer in silence no wahala at least they wouldn’t distract others. My Nigerian co-travelers were loudest in the sudden prayer session, the plane was coming to Lagos after a stopover in Mali and Ivory Coast.

Some passengers started attacking their enemies and Satan. Satan again inside a technology driven airplane? That’s wonderful! Honestly, I pitied Satan that day because the pilot didn’t tell us that it was Satan that would disturb the flight or was struggling with him in the air or in the cockpit. I used to think that Satan only lived on the land, I didn’t know how he could get into the cloud (or semi-heaven) to threaten children of God.

I was disturbed really, while at the same time sipping my wine, with the flight – cloud turbulence, but I was paying attention to the next announcement from the pilot who continously reassured us of safe trip. Of course, the pilot didn’t want to die like all of us and he would do everything within his professional efficiency to interpret his cockpit well and other supportive external information he might receive.

What baffled me was that while the loud prayer session was on, some white men and black guys in-flight were indifferent, either sleeping or reading books. What an audacity for them to sleep in the presence of Satan?

The pilot successfully landed for a stopover in Bamako and till we reached Nigeria, the flight was smooth without any serious issue. Well, may be Satan dropped in Mali out of fear of their prayer or Satan had been killed, or he wanted to join another plane to Senegal and showed his power again. . But how many times are we going to kill Satan with prayer in our lifetime and yet the same Satan has refused to die?

With full embrace of science and technology, Satan will die, enemies will die in our religious fanatical minds, and when these two die, then religion may be on its way out or become strictly private affair of individuals.
Adeola Soetan

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