First WAPO Conference: The Struggle for a Better World

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Dear Comrade Kwesi Pratt

It was with great pleasure and high hopes that I received your invitation to attend this historic event,  because in the coming together of the peoples of West Africa to reignite this struggle, lies the seed for a broader cooperation and ultimate union of the peoples of Africa.

My father, Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, began this struggle even before he returned to the then Gold Coast in 1947, and advocated and fought for it throughout the road to independence, his tenure in office till his overthrow in 1966, and even through the years of his exile and ultimate death in1972— and still the struggle continues.

This conference is not only timely but of critical importance at this watershed moment in Africa’s history when many parts of our continent are mired in fomented wars, climate change disasters, poverty and joblessness, with seemingly no control of either our resources or our destiny. A conference such as this is without doubt part of the solution to this state of affairs. Together we stand; divided we fall.

Unfortunately, I am unable to be physically present with you at this time but wish to assure you of my support and solidarity with you, the Socialist Movement of Ghana and all the participants in your efforts to create a unified front to build a better future for the youth of Africa.

I wish all the delegates and conveners of this conference a productive and successful deliberation, culminating in concrete action plans which will bring the prospects of a better world significantly closer to fulfillment . Aluta  continua— the struggle begun so long ago still continues and therein lies the hope of a United and prosperous Africa in control of its destiny.

With warm fraternal greetings,

Professor Francis Kwesi Nkrumah

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