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Nana Yaa Akyempim Jantuah, CPP General Secretary

As today marks May Day which grew out of the 19th Century, labour movement for workers’
rights on the eight hour work day in the United States, the Convention Peoples Party extend
its warmest greetings and felicitations to all workers in Ghana and wish them Ayekoo, good
and gallant workers of the land.
Today, we of the CPP, solidarize with our Comrades both within and without the ambit of the
TUC and who are in the forefront of our development agenda of making sure Ghana is
economically independent with a resolve to be free from the claws of neo colonialists who
wish to subjugate our nation and rid us of our economic fortunes.
As gallant stalwarts of the land you have sacrificed and given much to Ghana, and you
deserve the best. On this note the CPP is calling on government and all employers to give
respectable remuneration packages not slave wagesthat does not allow a good meal in a Day
to our great and gallant workers.

Decent accommodation is key and we are calling on government to ensure workers all over
the country benefit from a mortgage scheme with flexible payment terms that would allow
workers to procure or build decent accommodation for themselves.
Government should speedily move to ensure that affordable housing projects like the one at
Saglemi and others is completed to be given to the working masses so that they will have
some respectable place to lay their head.

The CPP is also calling on government to make sure the Social Security and National
Insurance Trust the custodians of the workers’ pension scheme would put the funds to
judicious and profitable use and not put it to waste.
The CPP is advocating for good health care, incentive packages for workers especially in this
era of a COVID – 19 pandemic. As a form of Family support the CPP is advocating for a two month paternity leave for fathers with new born babies and a six to one year maternity
leave with full salary for nursing and lactating mother’s to help them nurture their babies
appropriately. This move will ensure that we have a healthy nation in the future.
We believe the time has come for us to recognise that the worker is a partner in the
development of the enterprise (both government and private) not just an employee or a
bystander and decisions concerning workers welfare should not be taken in isolation without
their input.

As Comrades, the CPP unites with all workers of this country to work hand in hand as one
body to fight for what is legitimately yours whilst at the same time ensuring that no one
illegally carriesthe fortunes of this country awry.
Forever and together we remain vanguards of our Land
Forward Ever Backward Never
Nana Yaa Akyempim Jantuah
General Secretary

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