Cathedral As a Flagship Program….

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Auditor-General confirms in its 2021 audit that the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia/Ofori-Atta Admin indeed classified the Prez’s Cathedral as a flagship program & unconstitutionally spent over GHS142million on what now looks like a galamsey site. Also, where’s the GHS644million NaBCo cash?

So, on the quiet and on our blind side, Akufo Addo/Bawumia and Ken ofori-Atta classified President’s cathedral as a Flagship program and unconstitutionally spent public funds on it, according to Hon S O Ablakwa. Ayoooo!

Oh, I read somewhere, Akufo Addo is reported to have said and I quote

” I wish I could get four more years, like I will make Ghana better than America but the law won’t favour me”.

A friend who sent this message to me said ” mansa, you see your African presidents, when they want to hang on to power, this is how they start”.

I personally find it difficult to believe he said that, unless he was either suffering from a slight bout of malaria or more likely, he said that after a glass of 🍷 wine. Maybe he was a bit tipsy.

Eiii! “Sika mpe dede” but “sika pe nsem hunu”

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