Cables For Rural Electrification Left To Rot In Bush

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The abandoned cables/wires which were meant for the electrification

Some cables/wires meant for the electrification of the Ayermasu community in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region under the Rural Electrification Project, have been abandoned and rotting in the bush for two years.

The objective of the Rural Electrification Project is to scale up access to electricity services for rural households, aid posts, and communities located in dispersed off-grid areas.

The Assemblyman for the Ayermasu electoral area, Mr. Amoah Emmanuel, lamented that it has been two years since the electrical cables meant for powering schools in Ayermasu and their environs, have been left to rot in the bush.

He said he has raised concerns about the situation several times at the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly but each time, the local authorities only promise to fix the problem but have failed to do so.

Mr. Amoah Emmanuel revealed that six months ago, thieves stole some of the abandoned aluminium cables.

He noted that it took the intervention of some youth in the community, who were hunting for snails at night, to raise an alarm to save all the cables from being stolen.

Mr. Amoah noted that to prevent further theft of the cables, the community decided to keep them at the chief’s palace but they were too heavy to be transported.

He said the Municipal Chief Executive of Lower Manya Krobo, Mr. Simon Kwaku Tetteh, has also promised to help power the community but nothing has been done.

Mr. Amoah bemoaned that all the electoral areas in Yilo Krobo have benefited from the rural electrification project but those in Ayermasu have still not been connected to the national grid, which is affecting the learning and teaching of ICT in the schools in the area.

He urged the government to intervene to fast-track the project because they have stayed in darkness for too long.