…And ASEPA Also Blames Dumsor On PDS Debts

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Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has blamed the Power Distribution Service (PDS) as the cause of the country’s current “dumsor” crisis.

“Most debts at the Electricity Company of Ghana was incurred by PDS”, Executive Director of ASEPA Mr. Mensah Thompson said.

Speaking on Kumasi based radio station, Opemsuo FM, Mr. Mensah Thompson accused the PDS Company which operated for only five months in the country as the cause of the power crises the country is facing.

“Most debts at the Electricity Company of Ghana were incurred by PDS. For the five months period PDS collected bills from consumers in the country, they never accounted for what they took. All the money they collected, till date we don’t know where the money went”, he said.

According to him, PDS after taking over the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) did not pay the company’s debt it owed neither did they pay their power generator like GRICO and VRA.

“When PDS took over ECG and collected the bills from the consumers, they forget to pay their power generators”, Mr. Mensah Thompson said in his interview.

He hinted that PDS also left a huge sum of debt which is preventing ECG from being able to pay its debt for power generation hence the current crises the country is going through.

Mr. Mensah Thompson went further and described the situation as “shared mismanagement of resources”, on the part of the government.