6 Features On Your Samsung Phone That Helps You Stay Productive

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With regards to the lessons from the 2020 pandemic, the new normal has taught the world to seek comfort in the practice of working from home. Working remotely has continued to rapidly gather significant attention amongst employees around the world. In a new report, remote working has been identified to be more productive than actually working in an office. While it is so easy to get distracted and procrastinate in the course of working remotely, this can relatively slow down productivity compared to those working in the office.

In an interview conducted by Market Business, on employees that work remotely, half the number of those interviewed highlighted their phones as the biggest distractions. Does this sound like something peculiar to you? Then this article is just for you, in here we will discuss 6 features available on the Samsung phone that can help you become more productive as you continue to work from home.

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