We’re witnessing challenges that led to June 4 uprising today – Zanetor

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Daughter of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings, Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings has opined that the circumstances that led to the June 4 uprising persist today.

At a ceremony to commemorate the June 4th uprising, she stated that we must learn from the past and ensure that the solid foundation on which the 4th republican state was established is not in vain.

She described the absence of the founder of NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, on the day as a reminder that no one lives forever, but principles do.

The MP says we need as a nation to re-examine what we are doing today and advise ourselves accordingly.

She believes we have seen several changes and peaceful transitions in Ghana, and as a people, we have to live by the principles of the past and value and respect the history behind June 4.

To her, if we are at a point where people are feeling uneasy about the challenges in the country, then we have to step back and reexamine the past. She said we must put in checks and balances to check corruption, indiscipline in society to ensure that we don’t undermine the foundations on which the 4th Republic was built.