We’ll resist any attempt to sell Winneba Forest – Chief

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Angry Chiefs and residents at Winneba in the Effutu Municipality of the Central Region have warned the Minerals Commission of Ghana to stay from the Winneba Forest reservoir.

According to them, they have received a letter that the government has sold the Winneba Forest and the Minerals Commission is coming to mine Lithium and other Mineral resources from it.

Addressing a Press Conference, the Paramount Chief of the Effutu Traditional Area Neeyi Ghatey VI said, they have gotten a notice that their Forest which serves as a place where they hunt antelope for their Aboakyire Festival, gives them rainfall, and other important activities has been sold by the government to the Minerals Commission.

Neeyi Ghatey VI said they have also seen publication in print media and other social media platforms that those occupying some parts of the Winneba Forest should vacate the land within 21 days before their houses and other properties are demolished for the Mining Activities to take place.

He warned the Minerals Commission not to make any attempt to touch the forest which has been there since he was born, adding that nothing will make them allow the Government and the Minerals Commission to mine in the forest.

Meanwhile, the youth of the area say they are prepared to lay down their lives to protect the forest, noting that mining activities will destroy their land and the Cultural Heritage of Winneba.

They are urging the government and the Mineral Commission to come out immediately and respond to the allegations that they have sold the Winneba Forest for mining activities.

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