Prisoner Al-Batran suffers from severe pains as a result of the hunger strikes he went through in the past years

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Detainees and Ex-detainees Affairs Commission stated on Tuesday that the  administration of the Israeli prisons moved the Palestinian prisoner Emad Al-Batran from Kaplan Medical Center to Nitzan prison.

Al-Batran, 47, keeps his open hunger strike for the 39th day in a row as a rejection of his administrative detention. 

Al-Batran suffers from severe pains in the head, stomach, and knuckles. He went through a hunger strike in 2013 which lasted for 105 days and 36 days in 2016, according to the Commission.

He suffers from health problems and severe pains in the stomach and head as a result of the strikes he went through all along the past years. 

Al-Batran is married and has 5 sons. He is the brother of Tareq Al-Batran who has been arrested for 16 years and sentenced to life imprisonment. Source : Safa