Palestinian Ministry of Justice appreciates international decision to investigate Israel’s crime

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Palestinian Ministry of Justice welcomed, on Thursday, the International Criminal Court’s decision to open an investigation into the Israeli crimes committed in 2014. 

This decision will bring Israel’s leaders, who shed the Palestinian blood and committed crimes in Gaza and the rest of the Palestinian lands, to court and hold them responsible for what they did, according to the Ministry. 

“The crimes the Israeli occupation leaders committed against the Palestinians are ongoing, massive crimes,” it said. 

The Ministry of Justice believed that the chief prosecutor’s decision to open the investigations into Israel’s crimes proves her respect, independence, and commitment to the principles of criminal justice, which depend on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. 

It confirmed its whole readiness to provide what is needed to ease the investigations as it also confirmed that the Palestinian should never be equated with the criminals of Israeli leaders and soldiers. Source : Safa

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