Mali-Burkina Faso Federation; We Are Considering A Federation Today.

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Burkinabe PM Suggest Forming Federation with Mali

In relations between the two countries, Ouagadougou’s wish remains the realisation of a Mali-Burkina Faso federation. “We are considering a federation today. That is our objective in the short or medium term. We need everyone’s support in this, because as long as we remain isolated, we are fragile. The Mali-Burkina Faso Federation will be a much more decisive force.

The Prime Minister of Faso, Apollinaire Joachim Kyélem de Tambela, made this statement yesterday after meeting the President of the Transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta, at the Koulouba Palace, to whom he handed a message of friendship and fraternity from the President of Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré. The meeting took place in the presence of Prime Minister Choguel Kokalla Maïga.

The head of the Burkinabe government said he was honoured to be received by President Goïta. “It was really an honour for me because everyone knows President Assimi Goïta in Africa. He is not just anyone, he is a hero of Africa,” said Apollinaire Joachim Kyélem of Tambela.

In his message, the President of the Transition of Burkina Faso invited his Malian counterpart to work together for the greater interest of their peoples. A dynamic, according to Apollinaire Joachim Kyélem of Tambela, that Colonel Assimi Goïta shares. “Our country and Mali are the same with the same people.

We have noted that for a long time, we have looked elsewhere instead of looking at ourselves when we have so many similarities together, so many challenges and a common destiny,” said the emissary of the President of Faso, stating that it is this message that he came to convey to the head of state of Mali. And Apollinaire Joachim Kyélem de Tambela revealed that the two countries are committed to the same direction for a bright future.

THE FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM – The Prime Minister of Faso also spoke of the aspirations of our peoples which are summed up in the issues of peace, security and development, the response to which is contrary to any isolation. “Together, we can achieve more and much more easily,” said the head of the government of Faso. “For example, in the fight against insecurity, we have the support of our Malian brothers. This is now causing panic among the terrorists,” he said.

Apollinaire Joachim Kyélem of Tambela also spoke of the Bobo-Dioulasso-Sikasso-Bamako railway project that is being considered together. “My friend, Prime Minister Choguel Kokalla Maiga will come to Burkina Faso one day so that we can continue discussions because there are so many projects to be put together,” the Prime Minister of Faso noted, before stressing the need to reactivate the Malian-Burkinabé joint cooperation commission soon.

The distinguished visitor noted with satisfaction his meeting with President Assimi Goïta. “President Goïta is ahead of the points that were the subject of the talks. So, it is to say that we are looking in the same direction,” he said.

Regarding the fight against terrorism, Apollinaire Joachim Kyélem de Tambela welcomed the support of our country. “We are fighting the terrorists together. When Mali is needed, they are there. When Mali also needs us and we can do it, we will be there,” the Burkinabe Prime Minister said. This cooperation comes after a realisation that the two nations have the same destiny.

“If we had been together for a long time, I don’t think terrorism would have reached this level, I don’t even think it would have existed. So, it is time to look in the same direction and President Assimi Goïta is ahead of us…”, concluded Apollinaire Joachim Kyélem from Tambela.

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