Hamas: Land Day is a historic juncture that represents the Palestinian struggle against Israel

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Division of Refugees’ Affairs of Hamas said in a statement on Tuesday that Land Day constituted a historic juncture of the Palestinians’ struggle in West Bank, Gaza, and the territories occupied in 1948. 

This confirms the real belonging of Palestinians to their land and the rejection of Israel’s robbery of lands and violation of their legal rights, the statement added. 

Division of Refugees’ Affairs stressed that the Palestinian land is one of the main rights the Palestinians will not give up on and that it will always be the core of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 


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It added, “On land Day, we emphasize that we will protect the unity of land and unity of Palestinians. We will not allow any plan to isolate any part of Palestine.”

“The resistance protected that unity and embodied it in the field of honor to protect Palestine. It sacrificed the best of people; martyrs, prisoners, and injured,” it confirmed.

It mentioned that Land Day is the day of holding onto Palestinians’ rights and rejecting all Jewish, Judaizing projects. 

On Land Day, it called for keeping up the efforts to resist and reject all political projects.

It called on the Palestinian Authority to rearrange the Palestinian house and end the conflict.

“Land Day will always be a national day that inspires the resisting creativity which feeds the Palestinian memory,” Division of Refugees’ Affairs of Hamas said. 

The Palestinians celebrate the 45th anniversary of Land Day which came in light of the occupation of the Palestinian territories in 1948 and Israel’s Judaizing policies. 

Source : Safa