DFLP: We refuse to bargain over bodies of killed detained Palestinians

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The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) rejected the decision of an Israeli court refusing to return the body of the killed Ahmed Erekat to his family and keep him detained until further notice.

A statement by the DFLP on Sunday said that the Israeli decision is a flagrant violation of international laws and Human Rights and a condemned step in equating the killer with the victim, and the right of our people to resist the occupation with the policies of murder and destruction pursued by the occupation government.

The DFLP also called for the release of prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons and cells and the return of the bodies of the killed Palestinians held by the occupation forces, including those who were killed from commando operations from outside the borders.

The Palestinian Authority was called on to transfer the file of the bodies of the killed Palestinians to the Security Council, the World Council for Human Rights, and the International Criminal Court, to pressure the occupying power to force it to comply with humanitarian laws to release the bodies.

Source : Safa

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