BREAKING: Israeli Warplanes Strike Several Sites in Gaza Strip

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Israeli warplanes moments ago launched a series of raids on the Gaza Strip.

The Days of Palestine reporter said that the warplanes bombed three resistance sites in central Gaza city and the Beit Hanoun city north of the Gaza Strip, without any injuries reported.

He confirmed that the Israeli warplanes attacked the sites with at least ten missiles.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army claimed in a statement, “The army is attacking targets in Gaza in response to fire balloons and night confusion activities near the separation fence.”

Israeli occupation is tightening the siege on Gaza since the last aggression in May 2021. Palestinians use popular resistance in response to Israeli brutal acts to put pressure on them to free Gaza and let its people live in dignity and safety. 

It’s noteworthy that the Israeli warplanes last Monday launched a series of raids on the Gaza Strip as well.

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