CPP: Seek redress in the law court not on streets

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Dr Nkrumah

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview, Dr Nkrumah said the way forward to settling electoral disputes according to the nation’s democratic culture was to seek redress in the law courts but not in the “courts of the streets and public opinion”.

He urged all politicians to abide by these established norms; “war of democracy through the use of arms and violence was not a just war by any political theory.

“The best weapon in the armoury of democracy to defend itself is free and fair elections which are guided by established standards and those who profess to be democrats must employ the standards to defend democracy and nothing else”.

Additionally, he said, the spate of lawlessness, violent clashes with security agencies and street protests during the December 7, 2020 elections and the aftermath, has poisoned the sociopolitical environment of Ghana and must be addressed without further delay.

He said deaths that allegedly occurred during the polls must be investigated and those who died must be regarded as martyrs who died in the defense of democracy.

He said this should be done irrespective of the circumstances leading to their deaths and their families must be compensated to heal the wounds that have plagued the unity and stability of our country.
Source: GNA

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