Al Mezan calls for urgent action against preventing entering Coronavirus vaccine into Gaza

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The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights on Tuesday strongly condemned the prevention of the arrival of Coronavirus vaccine to the Gaza Strip by the Israeli authorities.

The Al Mezan said in a statement reached Safa that this was a new violation of the Israeli authorities’ obligations under international humanitarian law.

The deprivation of the vaccine requires the responsible parties to move quickly to stop this grave violation and work to oblige Israel to respect its duties, facilitate the arrival of vaccines, and stop the racist policies that discriminate between people.

The statement called to end the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, which is a collective punishment crime that continues for the fourteenth year in a row.

Al Mezan reiterated its assertion that the policy of impunity enjoyed by the Israeli forces has encouraged, and Israel continues violating the rules of international law and giving up their legal obligations and duties.

The Minister of Health, Mai al-Kaileh, Yesterday evening announced that the Israeli authorities would prevent the passage of 2000 doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against Coronavirus.

The Israeli authorities had stopped the shipment of the vaccine, which was carried out by the Ministry of Health on Monday, February 15, 2021, and refused to allow it to pass to the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli authorities are ignoring their obligations to the Palestinians since the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, as they sought to provide millions of doses of vaccines to their residents, while ignoring their original commitment to the civilian population in the Palestinian territories under their power.

Source : Safa

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