African Unity Road linking Algiers to Lagos nears completion

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It’s a road that will link six African nations, improving transport and delivering high-speed internet across the continent. And at In Guezzam, on the border between Algeria and Niger, the last section of what’s been called the African Unity Road is nearing completion.

Conceived over 50 years ago, the Trans-Saharan Highway runs almost 5,000 kilometres from Algiers to Lagos in Nigeria. Its goal is to strengthen regional integration and promote trade between the north and south of the Sahara.

An artery for Algeria

“The Trans-Saharan is an economic artery for Algeria in the framework of free trade,” says Fayçal Amrouche, Wali of In-Guezzam. “First and foremost it will bring economic benefits and also social benefits for the whole population, which is expecting a lot from it.

“Overall, the residents of In-Guezzam are pleased with this seven-kilometre stretch of road, which is the last section of the African Unity Road on the border with Niger,” adds Brahim Ben Khia, President of the Popular Assembly in the Wilaya of In-Guezzam. “It’s a construction that’s built to international standards.”

The RN1 is the main artery between Europe and North Africa. Without the RN1, we’re done for!

Louzri Abderrezak

Truck driver

From Saharan dunes to high plateaus to the capital Algiers, National Road 1, as it’s known in Algeria, crosses the country in all its diversity and links remote areas, such as Tamanrasset, the historic meeting place of nomadic caravans, and still a commercial hub, 1900 kilometres from Algiers.

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