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Ghanian politician Dr Kwame Nkrumah (1909-1972) the country’s first president, at a Commonwealth Conference. Original Publication: People Disc – HH0080 (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

On February 24, 1966, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America (USA), other western intelligence agencies and their local collaborators overthrew the popularly elected government of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. The objective of the coup was to roll back the progress that Ghana had made in building an independent national economy, assisting the national liberation movement throughout Africa and accelerating the pace of the unification of the peoples of Africa.
From that day, the forces of neo-colonialism and counter revolution employed arrests and detentions without trial, and torture and blatantly abused the right of the Ghanaian people in furtherance of their agenda. Hundreds of citizens were sacked from the public and civil service; the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) which had led the independence struggle was banned; books authored by Nkrumah and about him were banned and the implementation of policies which improved the peoples access to such social services such as health, education and housing were discontinued.
56years later, as much as 128 percent of the national revenue is spent on debt serving and public sector emoluments leaving nothing for infrastructure development, job creation and the expansion of the peoples’ access to social services. The government continues to impose heavy taxes on the people leading to increasing cost of living and poor working conditions. The national security situation continues to worsen with substantial increase in armed robberies and a deep fear that Islamic insurgents could very soon wreak havoc in the country.
Ghana which embarked upon an accelerated program of industrialization has now been reduced to an import dependent country, importing even tomatoes, plantain and tooth picks.
On the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the 1966 coup, the Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrpreneurial Development (AAMUSTED) Collective of the Socialist Movement of Ghana (SMG) salutes all the gallant men and women who have over the years held the banner of Nkrumah aloft. We are confident of the victory of the progressive and revolutionary forces over the forces of capitalism and neo-colonialism.
We shall continue to struggle for a united Africa under the broad banner of scientific socialism.
Forward with the African Revolution!
Saeed Abdulwahid
(+233 54 881 5317)

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