We worship corruption in Ghana – Dr Ishmael Yamson on the country’s general decline

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conomist, Dr. Ishmael Yamson has expressed concern over the present state of affairs in Ghana.

He thinks the country has plunged into deteriorated era.

Speaking with Lexis Bill in a yet-to-be-aired interview on Joy FM’s Personality Profile, Dr Yamson said that the country’s economic conditions have deteriorated, noting “I think times are worse now than then.”

His comments come after Ghana signed up for an International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout to rescue her deteriorating economic conditions, with high inflation pushing up prices of goods and services, which in turn have led to a high rise in the cost of living.

Meanwhile, inflation for the month of September 2023 fell to 38.1% from the 40.1% recorded in August 2023.

Dr Yamson expressed his frustration over the country’s slow pace of development and blamed the situation on bad leadership, adding that there are two factors holding back the country from developing.

According to him, the lack of affection for the country and corruption are the two major issues undermining the progress of the nation.

“For corruption, we worship corruption,” he added.

He stated that if indeed a government is passionate enough about turning things around in the country, it can be possible.

“I can tell you today that if we have a government or any leader who truly believes in changing this country, it shouldn’t take us 18 months to two years to change this country,” he said.

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