The Network of Small-holder Farmers Group in Tanzania

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The Network of Small-holder Farmers Group in Tanzania (MVIWATA) has set up and launched its first agroecological market centre in the Morogoro Region.

The newly established market centre located at the Mwalimu Nyerere grounds, Nane Nane area, in Morogoro shall serve as the hub of displaying and selling the products and crops produced organically and ecologically by farmers throughout the country.

In his interview with MVIWATA FM, Remmy Urio, the marketing officer of MVIWATA, explained that the centre shall provide the farmers a perfect avenue and platform to market and trade their respective agroecological produced products.

Moreover, the respective centre intends to champion for the consumption of healthy, safe and reliable food within the community, as the consumers are provided there forth provided with easily accessible agroecologically produced crops and goods.

Also, the agroecological centre attends and appeals to the organization’s 2022 – 2027 strategic goals of promoting agroecological practices and food sovereignty; improving the welfare and status of small-scale farmers; and pioneering for economic justice among the small-holder farmers.

Amongst others, the centre sells vegetables, grains, spices, fruits, wine, farmers’ seeds, fruit seedlings and medicinal plants; and also, the centre offers first-hand information to the community members on how to self-produce their own food and herbs.

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