The Bucha Provocation

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The Bucha Provocation – 🏴 Anarchist Federation

The Bucha ‘Russian’ atrocities propaganda onslaught may have worked well in the ‘west’ but it lacks evidence that Russia had anything to do with it.

The former Indian ambassador M.K. Bhadrakumar calls it an outright fake:

An indignant Moscow has angrily demanded a United Nations Security Council meeting on Monday over the allegations of atrocities by Russian troops in areas around Kiev through the past month. Prima facie, this allegation is fake news but it can mould misperceptions by the time it gets exposed as disinformation.

Tass report says: “The Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday that the Russian Armed Forces had left Bucha, located in the Kiev region, on March 30, while “the evidence of crimes” emerged only four days later, after Ukrainian Security Service officers had arrived in the town. The ministry stressed that on March 31, the town’s Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk had confirmed in a video address that there were no Russian troops in Bucha. However, he did not say a word about civilians shot dead on the street with their hands tied behind their backs.”

Even more surprising is that within minutes of the “breaking news”, western leaders — heads of state, foreign ministers, former politicians — popped up with statements duly kept ready and only based on the videos, seconds-long videos and a clutch of photos, ready to pour accusations. No expert opinion was sought, no forensic work was done, no opportunity given to the accused to be heard.

I had yesterday, at 15:09 UTC, posted a timeline of the events in Bucha on Twitter. Here is an expanded version.

Mar 30 – Ru troops leave Bucha

Mar 31 – Mayor of Bucha announces town ‘liberated’, makes no mention of atrocities.

Bucha liberated from Russian invaders – mayor – UkrinformThe mayor of Bucha in Kyiv region, Anatoliy Fedoruk, stated that the town had been liberated from Russian troops.

Fedoruk said this in his video address posted on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

“March 31 will go down in the history of our Bucha community as the Day of Liberation. …”

Apr 1/2 – Azov Nazis enter Bucha

Scenes of desperation and death as the Russians retreat from suburbs outside Kyiv. – New York Times

Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov battalion walked through the remnants of a Russian military convoy in the recently liberated town of Bucha on Saturday, just outside the capital after the Russians withdrew.

Apr 3 – Ukr MinDef publishes video of ‘Russian’ atrocities

Here are the latest developments in the war in Ukraine. – New York Times, Apr 3

Footage posted by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry and photographs from news agencies showed the bodies of men in civilian clothes on the streets of Bucha, a town northwest of Kyiv. Images showed some corpses with hands bound behind their back.

A screenshot of the original NYT piece was attached to my tweet. It included the sentence:

The New York Times was unable to independently verify the assertions by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry and other officials.

The above tweet went viral with more than 3,000 retweets and nearly 5,000 likes. People obviously recognize the importance of the above timeline for the question of who killed whom, when and how.

Gonzalo Lira, who is in Karkiv, has previously directed a professionally made movie. In this video he asserts that the main ‘Russian’ atrocity video, which shows cars driving down a street strewn with dead bodies, is of a professional high production quality that can only be achieved with high end equipment. He also remarks on additional evidence from the scenes that points to a false flag operation.

Lira comes to the conclusion that the Azov Nazis have killed some people in Bucha that had been too friendly with the Russian ‘occupiers’ and are now blaming Russia for it.

Azov gangs are known for such atrocities. Based on the above timeline I concur with Lira’s conclusion.

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“In the liberated Bucha, the territory was cleared of saboteurs and Russian accomplices” from April 2

Posted by: R | Apr 4 2022 14:44 utc | 1

Yes. Russian MoD says the same thing. I have not yet found anything the Russian MoD has said to be untrue.
Note also that when the Russians withdraw from a position they no longer need to hold, and the Ukronaziusa moves in, it’s called “liberation”. You really can’t make this shit up.

Posted by: pasha | Apr 4 2022 14:44 utc | 2

MOSCOW, April 4. /TASS/. Russia on Monday will demand again the UN Security Council meet in session to discuss the Ukrainian military’s provocation in Bucha, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on her Telegram channel.
“Yesterday, the current UN SC president, Britain, acting in accordance with its worst traditions, once again refused to give consent to holding a Security Council meeting on Bucha. Today, Russia will demand once again the UN Security Council meet in session to discuss criminal provocations by the Ukrainian military and radicals in that city,” Zakharova said.

The Russian Defense Ministry on April 3 dismissed the Kiev regime’s charges its forces had allegedly killed civilians in the community of Bucha, the Kiev Region. The ministry recalled that Russian forces left Bucha on March 30 while faked evidence of alleged killings was presented four days later, when Ukrainian security service SBU agents arrived in the locality. The Russian Defense Ministry also said that on March 31 Bucha’s Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk said in a video address that there were no Russian soldiers in the community. Nor did he mention any locals allegedly shot on the streets.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, the current UN SC president, Britain, once again refused to give consent to holding a Security Council meeting on Bucha

Posted by: Down South | Apr 4 2022 14:48 utc | 3

Maybe publish this about Bucha? Gov’t video upon entrance into the city – where are the mounds of bodies? Mayor’s statement after Russians had left. No mention of slaughter.“>”> And the maternity hospital?

Posted by: P Romanowski | Apr 4 2022 14:50 utc | 4

Thanks for the posting b

The Empire of Lies is getting desperate.

I am reading that Russia is calling for UNSC meeting and it is being denied….any updates?


Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 4 2022 14:50 utc | 5

I see Bucha as a White Helmet Production aided by the promoters of that gang the British. All the “evidence” presented so far points in that direction, particularly the synchronous scripted outcry by politicos, which as before with the Syrian atrocities are 100% indications of their being false flags, then proved as such by after-action forensics.

Thanks b for taking the time for this article, but I intend to only write what I composed above on this matter as there’s much more happening as the frantic Outlaw US Empire tries to ignite color revolutions anywhere it can. Again, the determination of the Global South to exit the dollar spells doom for its printers. The only way that can be avoided is to overthrow well over 100 governments and install compradors, an outcome that’s not going to occur despite its desperate attempts. One false flag can’t overcome the long history of atrocities committed by the Outlaw Empires. Europeans must awaken from their propaganda-induced drunkenness and quit NATO/EU so they can become independent again.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 4 2022 14:54 utc | 6

Telegram sources saying the Pentagon using the “cannot independently verify” on Bucha, but I’m not seeing anything published with a quick search. If true, it’s another example of the US military trying to walk back and separate from DoS/CIA on all things Ukrainian.

Posted by: Lex | Apr 4 2022 14:56 utc | 7

Has anyone noticed that the name of the Ukrainian Ambassador in Berlin is very similar to the Co-Founder of OUN Andrij Atanassowytsch Melnyk

The ambassador Andrij Melnyk even went to Munich to lay a wreath on Bandera’s grave

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Apr 4 2022 14:57 utc | 8

As for my self it’s FAKE with the signature of SBU -(CIA)
Reasons are clearly on display. Ukries have yellow banners on their arms. Russian’s got it in white colour. Looking as Ukries used Russian captives for this propaganda. Poor guys

Posted by: BB Rad | Apr 4 2022 14:57 utc | 9

Hm, i am getting mixed messages about ‘fake’ and ‘false flag’. False flag means real dead people but making it seem the other side killed them. Fake could mean anything but Peskov pursues the ‘fake pics’ line , which suggests ‘it did not happen. Unless it is entirely made up i would avoid that approach

Posted by: tuyzentfloot | Apr 4 2022 14:57 utc | 10

Gilbert Doctorow is of the same opinion:

“..As to the murder of civilians in the city of Bucha, a northern suburb of Kiev, and similar photographic accounts from several other settlements evacuated by Russian troops in the past few days, the vicious propaganda narrative coming from Kiev, but surely scripted in Washington and London, raises no alarm bells in the Western media. But then again, there is no collective memory in Western media of what happened on the Maidan, when U.S. backed neo-Nazi units employed snipers to murder peaceful street demonstrators and police in support of a totally fabricated story of police violence by the Yanukovich government to justify its illegal ouster in a coup d’etat. Those same cynical murderers have been in control of Ukrainian politics up to the present day.

“It has been reported extensively by Russian television crews traveling with the Donbas republic forces how departing Ukrainian troops fired wantonly on the towns they had been occupying for the past eight years but now were forced to give up. It has been extensively reported by Russian press teams interviewing refugees leaving Mariupol via humanitarian corridors how the Azov battalion and other nationalist radical troops attached to the Ukrainian army were shooting anyone daring to come out of the basements to risk joining the escape routes out of the city. ..

“…In summation, there are reasons why wars are fought to the death, why many crucial disputes between nations are not amenable to diplomacy until one of the sides has been utterly destroyed. We are living through such a moment in history. And it is most sad, here in Europe, to see elected leaders like Macron, like Scholz play along with the villains to gain favor with the overlord in Washington, D.C. May their cowardice and betrayal of the interests of their own peoples be recorded here and now for posterity.”
Amen to that.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 4 2022 14:59 utc | 11

Very good piece. I think the lesson for the Russian army would be; once you have taken a town, do not leave. Or if you have to, take anyone likely to be targeted by the filth with you.

Continuing my own project of trying to get some more traffic for my own mighty words of wisdom, I have written another one. I think I have forgotten to post the link here yet. I am trying some other sites, too.

I am getting very good traffic coming to me from MOA but mostly on the Ukraine war topic. Still, it seems to be a good way of getting around the “shadow” I have been talking about.

The way its going, I should just write for some of these blogs. I work real cheap. Hint, hint.

Posted by: tim rourke | Apr 4 2022 15:07 utc | 12

The Russians didn’t shoot them but they did leave in the lurch anyone foolish enough to believe the Russians had come as “liberators” (as per the original PR of the operation) and would be staying for the duration.

(Meanwhile if anyone actually still was wearing white armbands after the Russians left, that’s maybe the most extreme Darwin test I’ve ever heard of.)

We don’t know if the Russians had to change their plans because the operation was becoming more difficult than they’d anticipated, or if they always were intending to pivot their forces from the Kiev environs back toward the Donbass. If the latter, what did they tell civilians who were hailing them in a fraternal way? They probably couldn’t tell them their stay would be temporary, but did they implicitly discourage anyone from thinking they were there for the long haul?

(It seems most of the “expert” commentators think the pivot was a prearranged plan, yet aren’t saying a word about this aspect of civilian relations and “protecting” civilians from unnecessary harm. One thing’s for sure, to lay low and hold aloof from the Russians is so far the only sane route for western Ukrainian civilians, and that’s just what most of them are doing.)

Posted by: Flying Dutchman | Apr 4 2022 15:07 utc | 13

The weakness of the Bucha street massacre video is the time it lasts. As soon as the first shots were heard, everyone would run for cover. Yet a dozen or more people were shot on the roadside over an extent of several hundred metres, and all military aged men. Try and imagine how the scene played out in real time. You can’t. So the bodies were placed there to be filmed. By whom?

Posted by: geof chambers | Apr 4 2022 15:08 utc | 14

Thanks b for your courage on Twitter. You are likely under an amber flag so to go red.

There will be be many more provocations arising from desperation and panic of the overlords.

Funny the call for the UNSC to discuss claim of war crimes in Bucha was refused by the UK !!?”

Yesterday […] the British presidency of the UN Security Council did not agree to a meeting of the Security Council on the situation in Bucha. Russia today will again demand the convening of the UN Security Council in connection with the criminal provocations by the Ukrainian military and radicals in this city”, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

The Maidan crimes…Russia is the guilty one no need to be investigated. The killing of women and children by the Azov gang was blamed on Putin.

The sequel to “Ukraine on fire” by Oliver Stone is this:

Revealing Ukraine (2019)

Oliver Stone interviews the Ukraine opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk who was sanctioned by Obama in 2014 and now imprisoned by Zelensky. Medvedchuk is very close to Putin..,

Must Watch: “Washington’s management of Ukraine….the country of the manufacturer now turns into a country of having to buy.”
Burisma…Hunter Biden received his appointment to the board immediately after the visit of his father to Ukraine.,

The USUK agenda:
the Ukraine war must continue until Russia is crushed and looted. Events repeat.

= = = = =
April 3, 2022 WSJ goes there. What we do know and is confirmed.

Zelensky Was Offered a Peace Deal to Prevent War, But Rejected It

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 4 2022 15:17 utc | 15

By now there are so many counter-narrative arguments it becomes impossible to defend this made up “attrocity” anymore. Watch now how it will be memory holed until the next “Bucha” occurs.

Posted by: Boo | Apr 4 2022 15:20 utc | 16

Another timeline.

“March 27
Footage of alleged torture of Russian POWs appears
Footage of what appeared to be Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian prisoners of war in the legs was published on social media. The video sparked widespread condemnation, including from some Western public figures.

The perpetrators were apparently members of Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist forces. The presence of these neo-Nazi units was cited by Moscow as one of the reasons justifying the military attack it launched against the country in late February.

March 29
Talks in Istanbul
The Russian military announced a partial drawdown after Turkey-hosted Russian-Ukrainian peace talks.
Moscow stated that the progress made during the talks created the conditions for a scale-down of hostilities near Kiev, saying it was meant as a concession to the Ukrainian government, but many commenters were skeptical about the motives. Some claimed that it was a reflection of reduced military ambitions, due to tenacious Ukrainian resistance.

During the talks, Russian officials demand an investigation into the footage of alleged torture of POWs, indicating there would be no mercy for the perpetrators, should they be captured. Ukrainian officials pledged to get to the bottom of it, stating that such behavior wouldn’t be tolerated from their soldiers.

However, no actions appears to have been taken.

March 29
Russia warns of staged videos
The Russian military claimed that the Ukrainian government ordered its ultra-nationalist forces to produce staged videos purportedly showing evidence of crimes committed by Russian troops against civilians.
The footage was supposed to incriminate Russian soldiers in “mass killings, robbery, damage to social infrastructure,” General Mikhail Mizintsev claimed.

March 31
Mayor of Bucha declares city liberated
In a video address, Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk declared his city liberated “from Russian orcs [sic]” and called it a major victory for Ukrainian defenders.
All Russian troops withdrew from the city on the previous day, both Moscow and media covering the conflict reported. The mayor made no mention of any purported Russian war crimes in his celebratory speech.

April 1
Kiev publicity damage control
Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) claimed it had intercepted communications between the governments of Ukraine and Britain discussing the publicity fallout from the alleged torture video.
The SVR stated that Western governments were “aware of the violations of international humanitarian law by Kiev” and were willing to help perpetrators remain unaccountable.
The report didn’t mention Bucha or any attempts to fabricate evidence of war crimes.

April 1
Zelensky says Azov “are what they are”
Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky downplayed the dark side of Ukrainian nationalists of the Azov Battalion in an interview with Fox News.
Broadcaster Bret Baier asked Zelensky about the Azov’s widely covered neo-Nazi affiliations and allegagtions of atrocities mounted against them.
“They are what they are,” Zelensky remarked in response, before explaining how the formerly volunteer battalion contributed to the defense of Ukraine against Russia and was subsequently integrated into the national military.

April 2
Ukrainian commandos deployed to Bucha
The Ukrainian national police said it had deployed its ‘Safari’ commando regiment to Bucha to “clear the territory of saboteurs and Russian troop collaborators,” as well as to “inspect the sites of war crimes committed by Russia.”
Evidence of purported Russian atrocities in Bucha began to pour out from the city on the same day. Images from the city showed streets littered with bodies in civilian clothes, some with their hands bound behind their backs.
Kiev claimed Russian soldiers summarily executed civilians before withdrawing from the city. The scale of destruction in Bucha indicated that Russia attempted to subject Ukrainian people to genocide, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba claimed. On April 3, the Prosecutor General’s office reported recovering 410 bodies of civilians from the city.
Western officials condemned Russia, taking the Ukrainian allegations at face value.

April 2
Contravening evidence
One clip published and later deleted by Ukrainian military commander Sergey Korotkih showed Ukrainian troops in Bucha discussing engagement rules. Korotkih, formerly a citizen of Belarus, is an open neo-Nazi who went to Ukraine back in 2014 to fight in the ranks of the notorious Azov Battalion. In Russia, Korotkih is wanted on multiple murder charges.
One of the fighters can be heard asking if it was OK to shoot at “guys not wearing blue armbands” identifying Ukrainian soldiers. The response was an affirmative “you bet”.
Some of the civilians apparently killed in Bucha were wearing white armbands. Russian troops had reportedly asked all civilians to wear them to identify themselves as non-combatants.

April 3
Russia denies Ukrainian claims
The Russian defense ministry denied Kiev’s claims, citing the three days between the troops’ withdrawal and the emergence of the evidence as a suspicious sign.
Moscow said the accusations were “a provocation” and possibly evidence of crimes committed by Ukrainian troops after they entered the city. The statement pointed to the apparently fresh state of some of the bodies in the photos.
Russia then called an emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss Bucha and what it claims to be an attempt to smear it.
Moscow claimed the attempt to meet on Monday was blocked by the UK, which is also a permanent member of the body. The British mission said the session will take place on Tuesday instead.”

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 4 2022 15:20 utc | 17

@ 4 . . .UN meeting
There is no Ukraine meeting scheduled for the UN Security Council here. There will be a press briefing today by this month’s Committee President Barbara Woodward (United Kingdom). There will be a briefing April 5 on letters from Ukraine and Russan Federation and a formal meetings on the 1540 Cttee (nuclear). Then on April six a meeting on Africa.
So it looks like Russia’s demand for an emergency UNSC meeting has been denied.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 15:24 utc | 18

Whether the Bucha allegations (and today the mass rape claims) are true or
false they are extremely important. There is increasing pressure for NATO
to intervene, and I fear we will soon have a much wider European war.

This war can very easily get much much worse.

Posted by: Nick | Apr 4 2022 15:24 utc | 19

There really is no limit to the depravity of Ukrainians who came to power after 2014, be they military or civilian. They are in a class of their own. And every day, the Ukrainization of the West is advancing further. What with dimwits like Baerbock jumping at an obvious fake like Bucha. Zelensky and his western counterparts, “da haben sich zwei gefunden,” one might say in German. They’ve found a true soulmate in each other, or something like that. Someone to debase yourself with, to wallow in the mire.

Not that it will matter much, but the bullets in the bodies of the dead might tell the whole story. Chances are there’s NATO standard rounds to be found.

Good call by the Russian diplomats to demand an immediate session of the Security Council! Force it out into the open, put pressure on the enemy. The FCO tossers will have a hard time explaining their aversion to a debate.

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Apr 4 2022 15:25 utc | 20

geof chambers @13–

all military aged men

There wouldn’t be any in Bucha or any other town do to forced conscription. That syncs with BB Rad’s @8 about captive Russians being killed for the propaganda. Examination of the bodies would possibly tell if that’s correct, which is why they’re likely to be burnt.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 4 2022 15:25 utc | 21

Any analysis should start with the factual underpinning that the government of the Ukraine, all ‘western’ countries and the main stream media are ALL known and proven liars.

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Apr 4 2022 15:26 utc | 22

Don Bacon (17).

The UK blocked it see my (16) comment.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 4 2022 15:26 utc | 23

Posted by: Nick | Apr 4 2022 15:24 utc | 18

We’re truly one Pentagon away from WW3. The DoD should be renamed dept. of peace!

Posted by: Boo | Apr 4 2022 15:27 utc | 24

Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t see it this way.

Posted by: Inkan1969 | Apr 4 2022 15:28 utc | 25

@ 17
In the last hour there has been a Ukraine meeting scheduled.
tweet: Ambassador Barbara Woodward
The UK will call a #UNSC meeting tomorrow on #Ukraine. We will discuss the mounting evidence of war crimes, including from #Bucha.
We’ll use our Presidency of the Security Council to ensure there is transparency, accountability and that justice is done. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 15:31 utc | 26

The EU is urging its member states to start stockpiling Iodine tablets, Romania will issue the tablets to the public later this month.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 4 2022 15:33 utc | 27

Seems like revenge killings meets an Orwellian NATO PR firm. War is war, atrocities happen yada, yada, but Putin plans to defeat the Empire of Lies with truth-bombs. Wanton massacres and war crimes of any kind are strictly verboten.

Posted by: gottlieb | Apr 4 2022 15:38 utc | 28

I’m sure Washington will be pleased.

“Lithuania has become the first EU country to expel a Russian ambassador over Moscow’s ongoing military attack on Ukraine. Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said that Vilnius’ own top diplomat in Moscow would also be recalled in the coming days.

In addition, his government has decided to shut down the Russian consulate in the city of Klaipeda.

Both Lithuania and Latvia had announced earlier on Monday that they plan to downgrade their diplomatic relations with Moscow.”

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 4 2022 15:41 utc | 29

Why were the Russian forces in Bucha in the first place, only to leave? I keep reading that the initial Kiev maneuver was intended as just a feint to keep the Ukie forces pinned but I’m not sure how that makes sense. If Russia have complete control of the airspace how could those forces make the journey to Donbass anyway? In fact better to lure them out and just destroy them from above as sitting ducks, no?

Posted by: Peter | Apr 4 2022 15:43 utc | 30

from NewYorkPost. . .
Ukrainian mayor executed as satellite images show 45-foot trench at mass grave site

The mayor of a Ukrainian village was kidnapped, executed and dumped in a shallow grave alongside her husband and son — as disturbing satellite images showed a 45-foot-long trench where a mass grave was dug in neighboring Bucha after killings widely decried as “genocide.”
Olga Sukhenk, the mayor of Motyzhyn — a suburban village just outside the capital, Kyiv — and her family were believed to have been kidnapped by invading Russian troops on March 23, Ukrainian officials said.
The troops then “tortured and murdered the whole family of the village head,” said Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior ministry. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 15:44 utc | 31

Posted by: Flying Dutchman | Apr 4 2022 15:07 utc | 12

In my experience the military are rarely communicative of the reasons why they follow orders, unless they’re authorized to act as spokespersons. It’s probable no one told the people with the white armbands what was happening.

As for the retreat from this position, this had been decided and communicated to people on the northern front weeks in advance according to Oleg Tsarov’s telegram. It seems the troops on the ground would have rather have held onto this position (at least no one has expressed retreat felt necessary for them, so the argument that Ukrainians chased them away is just wishful thinking). But with the coming of spring the ground in the area becomes muddy and Russian operations were to become more difficult, so there is at least a strategic rationale behind the retreat.

Apparently the decision to leave was also partially rooted in politics, since it seems the Kremlin wants to wrap up the eastern front by May 9th. The northern front had little strategic value for this objective (or any other really) at this point so it was discarded.

Posted by: ChasingGlowies | Apr 4 2022 15:44 utc | 32

Just got this from a Moscow source:

⚡️ French Legionnaires retreat to Mariupol port⚡️

After the Azov neo-Nazis were knocked out of Mariupol airport, in the vicinity of which the militants abandoned all their bases and equipment, the mercenaries from the French Foreign Legion, whose personal belongings were found by DNR fighters, most likely retreated together with them to the city port.

Incidentally, it was from there (from the port) that, according to our information, the Ukrainian helicopters, two of which were shot down the other day near Mariupol, were to evacuate the foreign military.

We do not know the exact number of French legionnaires blocked together with the Azov men in the city. However, judging by the way Macron is actively pushing the theme of his own humanitarian corridor, there could be quite a few military personnel from France. And probably not only mercenaries, but also cadres. And thus extremely well-informed and valuable. The truth they will be able to tell is capable of shocking the entire civilized world.


*our project is funded by subscribers, help card
4279 3806 9842 9521

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 4 2022 15:47 utc | 33

. . .Yahoo!News
Russia says footage in Ukraine’s Bucha was ‘ordered’ to blame Russia

(Reuters) -Russia’s foreign ministry said that footage of dead civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha had been “ordered” by the United States as part of a plot to blame Russia.
“Who are the masters of provocation? Of course the United States and NATO,” ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in an interview on state television late on Sunday. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 15:48 utc | 34

Have you guys seen this??

Prominent Azov soldier Sergiy Korotkikh, aka BOATSMAN, uploaded a video where he talked about shooting people without blue ribbon on their arm (blue ribbon signify being pro-Ukraine) in Bucha! Then he deleted the video.

On top of that, pro-ukranian militias were sent to Bucha to purge alleged saboteurs past days.

Posted by: Zanon | Apr 4 2022 15:50 utc | 35

When the narrative is being announced before any investigation has been done, it is a pretty good indicator that liars are at work. The total lack of subtlety used in arranging these fakes/false-flags is also a notable characteristic.

Posted by: MarkU | Apr 4 2022 15:50 utc | 36

Jake Morphonios 🔴 Blackstone Intelligence@morphonios·Mar 31
Oleksiy Arestovich is an adviser to President Zelensky. He’s a fan of the tactics of ISIS terrorists, saying that their use of “extreme cruelty” is “a wise strategy”. These are the evil maniacs who run Ukraine’s government & authorize Nazi atrocities against civilians.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth –

Posted by: David | Apr 4 2022 15:52 utc | 37

@ Peter 29
just a feint to keep the Ukie forces pinned but I’m not sure how that makes sense
Using feints is an established military tactic, for example the US invasion of Iraq where the Marines were used as a feint.
So why doesn’t Russia units in using feints in Ukraine make sense?

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 15:54 utc | 38

@ Don Bacon 38

found this article. Maybe it answers my own question:

Posted by: Peter | Apr 4 2022 16:08 utc | 39

CNBC: Biden calls to put Putin on trial for war crimes over Russia killings in Ukraine . .“He is a war criminal.”
Biden is too stupid to know that the US and Russia are not parties to the Rome Statute and are not members of the International Criminal Court (where only Africans have been tried).

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 16:08 utc | 40

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 4 2022 15:33 utc | 27

Can you post source please? Very disconcerting if EU is directing all member countries to prepare for nuclear war.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 4 2022 16:19 utc | 41

Uh, uh?

Biden Says He Doesn’t Agree With Ukrainian President Who Called Russian Op In Ukraine ‘Genocide’

US President Joe Biden said on Monday that he does not agree with Volodymyr Zelensky that Russia has committed “genocide” during its special military operation in Ukraine.

“No,” Biden said when asked if he agrees with Zelenskyy that Russia has committed genocide. “I think it is a war crime.”

Biden added that he is seeking more sanctions against Russia.

1 hour ago (Moscow)
US Can’t Independently Confirm Reports of Alleged Atrocities in Bucha – Senior Defense Official

BUT then…
2 hours ago (Moscow)
Joe Biden Calls For ‘War Crimes Trial’ Against Russian President Putin

US President Joe Biden said on Monday that he is seeking further evidence collection for a possible “war crimes trial” against Russian President Vladimir Putin after images from the city of Bucha emerged seeming to depict dead civilians, which Moscow has called a staged provocation.

Biden should be careful. There is no statute of limitations for war crimes. The Biden Yugoslavia videos just resurfaced.

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 4 2022 16:26 utc | 42

WJ (41).

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 4 2022 16:30 utc | 43

This reminded me of a scene from ‘The Secret of Santa Vittoria’ (1969) with the late, great, Anthony Quinn, aptly named Bombolini.
The plot required a sacrifice to satisfy the invading Germans, and townsfolk trotted out an old criminal whom was duly executed.
I wonder whom the murdered bunch in Bucha were.

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Apr 4 2022 16:30 utc | 44

I’m sorry to play the Devil’s Advocate, but the timeline is not a good defense in this case, except maybe from a forensic POV. Both sides had a window of opportunity to commit the crime, but forensics might prove more conclusive.

For now, I see forensics as being very important. What was the level of decomposition/time of death of the victims? Were the bullets lodged in victims Russian-made, or do both sides use the same type of ammo, make, brand? Although the scene was totally contaminated there could still be undeniable facts that surface with a thorough investigation.

The positioning of the bodies might mean something, but the armbands is questionable for both sides. Clothing…not so sure. What about the cyclist’s clothing? Location of bodies might reveal something. Too many facts are yet to be discovered.

Evidence of pattern of behavior and staging of previous incidents could be relevant as well, but of course, not if forensics prove to be the smoking gun.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 4 2022 16:34 utc | 45

thanks b…. i would like to acknowledge moa poster petri kohn for staying on top of this from the beginning… thanks petri..

Posted by: james | Apr 4 2022 16:39 utc | 46

@ geof chambers | Apr 4 2022 15:08 utc | 14

i agree…. and as karlof1 says @ 21, it probably confirms @ BB Rad | Apr 4 2022 14:57 utc | 9 comment.. sad…

both comments are prescient…

Posted by: james | Apr 4 2022 16:43 utc | 47

Ukrainian “White Helmets” in their next staged performance. Predictable, expected, clumsy, boring.
Ukrainian/Western propaganda lies reach new heights. Moreover, we will see new fake performances (probably with chemical weapons), no less wild.
Listening to the statements of some politicians, it seems that patients have escaped from the lunatic asylum and reached the stands and microphones. Total madness. Inadequacy is raised to the norm.

Posted by: alaff | Apr 4 2022 16:43 utc | 48

I might add this, also from a Russian source but inverified (as yet) and it ties in with the demand by the French for a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol:

Now there’s more information like this going around…

Interesting things are coming out in Mariupol. It turns out that a total of not 2 helicopters shot down by the Allies, but at least 8 were involved in the operation to get people out of Mariupol. Where are the others and who or what did they come for? Why were only two hit?

Note the sharply increased calls by Macron and others to Putin, where they demand humanitarian corridors under the aegis of the Red Cross. Ukraine has also perked up – Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk has announced plans for Kiev authorities to evacuate three humanitarian corridors from Mariupol, Melitopol and Energodar on Thursday:

– We have received confirmation from the International Committee of the Red Cross that the Russian Federation confirms its readiness to open access for a humanitarian convoy to the city of Mariupol in transit through the city of Berdyansk.

My opinion is that there are advisers from NATO countries among those surrounded in Azovstal’s workshops.

But that is not what is important. I suspect that in the underground floors of this plant (up to 8 floors down) there is a bio-lab where experiments on live people were carried out, which disappeared somewhere from the “Library” prison in Mariupol airport. And these are tens of thousands of people.

Prisoners of “Biblioteka” claim that they were regularly intimidated by some kind of pit from which they do not return. Many believe it to be some kind of pit. But I think we are talking about the underground of Azovstal, a whole underground city, where even diesel locomotives travel.

Apparently, these laboratories in Ukraine are not purely American – specialists from all over NATO and all presidents of these countries that support globalism have been involved. It’s far more serious than that.
If it was not difficult to remove the samples of contamination that existed there from other laboratories in Ukraine – the volumes are not large, then how to hide this testing centre and mountains of corpses. To incinerate? Here are the open-hearths and blast furnaces at hand – everything will burn.

I understand Azovstal owner Akhmetov’s excitement and outright panic, I also guess the reason why the West does not see fascism in Ukraine and why the nationalist Azov was based in Mariupol. It is clear why Russia, which could have taken Mariupol even at the beginning of events, suddenly abruptly halted the offensive of the DNR rebels – the situation was studied. And finally, why it is now that the Russian Defence Ministry has taken up the topic of biolaboratories and started to storm Mariupol. And also why Macron is trying to involve Turkey in this topic – the Russian military has got a letter to Turkish military equipment manufacturers. The gist is quite intriguing and even ominous. It may be about the use of bioweapons on Russian territory.

The venue of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Is Istanbul and the confused and frightened speech of the Russian negotiators at the briefing after the meeting also becomes clear. Most likely they found out about the “pit”.

It is not without reason that there are statements that the Nuremberg Trials-2 are to take place soon and the Russian Investigative Committee is massively collecting materials for the indictment case. It seems that information about the “pit” will appear soon.
I do not claim to be the absolute truth, so I am expressing my private opinion, with which my fellow detectives from our offices in the USA, Europe, Australia and some other countries agree. I would like to be wrong, but I think the story of the coronavirus and the downed Boeing over Donbass, where Professor Joop Lange was flying, will soon become clearer.

I would like to point out that in Ukraine the military-biological programmes were carried out by the people of Metabiota, whose name partly coincides with the renaming of Facebook to Meta and the social network Meta in Ukraine, created by Poroshenko and company. The spread of disease is a ripple process, as scientists at the Bylina School and the late Professor Luc Montagnier proved long ago. I think they understand the role of Facebook and the Ukrainian daughter of the military biology project in spreading disease. No bats needed – the World Wide Web is enough. Facebook is banned in Russia not only for reasons declared by Moscow. Translated with (free version)

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 4 2022 16:52 utc | 49

Just in time
Am I becoming a conspiracy theorist?
On March 30, the Russians left the northwest of Kiev.
Mar 31 – Mayor of Bucha announces town ‘liberated’, makes no mention of atrocities.
On April 1,
Great Britain takes over the presidency of the Security Council.
Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) claimed it had intercepted communications between the governments of Ukraine and Britain discussing the publicity fallout from the alleged torture video.[on RT]
Next day

“In the liberated Bucha, the territory was cleared of saboteurs and Russian accomplices”
Link Posted by: R | Apr 4 2022 14:44 utc | 1

Posted by: Bastille | Apr 4 2022 16:52 utc | 50

@ Barofsky | Apr 4 2022 16:52 utc | 49… thanks.. interesting conjecture and speculation.. we will have to wait and see…

Posted by: james | Apr 4 2022 16:57 utc | 51

Examination of the bodies would possibly tell if that’s correct, which is why they’re likely to be burnt.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 4 2022 15:25 utc | 21

Exactly, and if they cremate the bodies before a thorough, impartial forensic investigation is ordered and completed, then that becomes strong proof of consciousness of guilt and the case is tainted almost beyond repair.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 4 2022 16:59 utc | 52

Peter #30
Yes, I agree. No mass Ukro troops could help in Donbass if Russia significantly had all the airspace under control. Sure they could spread out over fields and roads , and march towards Donbass , but all you need is some jet or missile filled with napalm or shrapnel to take swathes out. You could even drop iron flechettes from high bombers over areas the size of football fields.

Barofsky #33 .

I like the French Foreign Legion but they are acting wrongly in this matter ,so Russia should act with extreme prejudice towards them for political purposes.

Caught, marched off to gulags or work details, and punished by death for war crimes on televised trials like Eichmann. The the rest ; work details for ten years and then deported to France ,all televised by the media, all at the cost of the French state, ie Russia to debit French trade accounts in Russia. Not one rouble cost to Russian people.

Posted by: Brother Ma | Apr 4 2022 17:06 utc | 53

@ Bastille 50
conspiracy — Great Britain takes over the presidency of the Security Council
Yes, Barbafra Woodward, UNSC president this month, gave it away in her tweet @26 —
“We will discuss the mounting evidence of war crimes”
— not alleged war crimes, war crimes

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 17:08 utc | 54

If this is verified it will certainly lead to a mountain of questions…

Formosa Club 🌐 Russia Office 🌐

Unconfirmed sources from Russia Military:
The Russian army captured the U.S Major General Roger L. Cloutier Jr. Maj. Gen. Roger L. Cloutier, the U.S. Africa Command HQ Chief of Staff in the besieged Ukrainian Azov camp in Mariupol 🐠😂,
The Pentagon wanted to contact Putin, (1/x)

Posted by: h | Apr 4 2022 17:22 utc | 55

can someone explain why the usual suspects keep pushing NATO should intervene narrative? that would obviously be a suicide for everyone and i am sure they know this, are they pushing this absurd narrative just to normalize the less absurd one; to normalize arming Ukraine and wealth transfer? since we know they need no excuse/can just lie about it and get away with it.

Posted by: dersu-uzala | Apr 4 2022 17:25 utc | 56

It’s getting scary. People are completely crazy! Whether it’s the messages from the governments or the population, I feel like a steamroller is coming at us without anything we can do. The period is extremely dangerous, and I sincerely hope that the Russians will be able to make themselves heard!

Posted by: Genevoise | Apr 4 2022 17:27 utc | 57

by the way, if anyone has a Twitter account the above info from Formosa Club is one item in a thread. It would be interesting to get a link to the whole thread so as to learn other info about the helicopters, Mariupol and possible survivors – there is likely a link in the comments to a ThreadReaderapp that unrolls threads and makes them readable as well as easy to post for interested readers. If not, simply type in @threadreader app and ‘unroll’

Posted by: h | Apr 4 2022 17:30 utc | 58

The sequel to “Ukraine on fire” by Oliver Stone is this:

Revealing Ukraine (2019)

Oliver Stone interviews the Ukraine opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk who was sanctioned by Obama in 2014 and now imprisoned by Zelensky. Medvedchuk is very close to Putin..,

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 4 2022 15:17 utc | 15

Yes, this is a very good documentary. It gives lots of details which are necessary to better understand the Ukraine/Russian conflict.

The destruction of Ukrainian industry by Wall Street was a repeat of what was done to Yugoslavia and many other Eastern European nations which were in the Soviet Union. Competition with the West is never desired. Consumerism of its products is a democratic duty.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Apr 4 2022 17:40 utc | 59

This Nato/EU propaganda machine is huge. Western politicians and media all lie that the Russian invasion was totally unprovoked, they all downplay the influence of the far-right in Ukraine and, despite all the lies told by the Ukrainian regime, they all uncritically parrot any Ukrainian talking points. The present situation is like the international version of the smear campaign that was aimed at Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, with the whole establishment singing from the same dishonest hymn sheet.
Makes me wonder how much of what we understand to be going on in the world is actually an invention of this propaganda machine. If they can propagandise most of the people, as appears to be the case, then why would they stop at the occasional military confrontation?
Alarmingly, I’ve been banned from commenting on two UK mainstream newspapers for saying that the UK shouldn’t be on the same side as a country with a neo-Nazi battalion in its armed forces.

Posted by: D J G | Apr 4 2022 17:54 utc | 60

Still is regrettable that Russians expose civilians to enemy revenge. When they announce retreat my thoughts suddenly went to those civilian filmed on camera taking food from russians. They should not do this in any way that can expose those civilians to dangers and stupid revenges, if they do this anyway they should take those civilians with them while retreating. Otherwise this is like leaving teammates to slaughter, bad move imo, on an human level but also on a infowar level (other civilians will not collaborate with russians in the future, especially if they don’t understand HOW much they are going to stay or leave the sec after leaving them to the mercy of nazi animals after taking some pics with them.

Posted by: Dostojevskij | Apr 4 2022 18:00 utc | 61

To flog a dead horse, neither b’s post nor Republicofscotland’s at 17 mention the daylight video that was posted on Twitter at 20:07 GMT, April 1, purporting to show dead bodies in the streets of Bucha:

I stress this not to question the obvious conclusion that all of this is a propaganda campaign. On the contrary, I tend to accept the view put forth by Scott Ritter in this morning’s interview with The Duran: The deaths were most likely the work of Ukrainian nationalists wreaking revenge on locals perceived as “collaborators” with Russian occupiers. (Ritter’s complaint against the Russians is that they apparently did not take into account the prospect of retribution for the locals they treated with and/or they did not do enough to protect/relocate these cooperative locals when they withdrew.)

However, it seems to me one still has to try and get the timing right: The mayor announces a liberated and evidently safe Bucha free of corpses in the streets on March 31, corpses appear in the street the following day, and then a video is posted by a Ukrainian police force of sorts on April 2 showing no widespread corpses. It really does seem as though the murders of locals were something none of the Ukrainian authorities on the scene were quite sure how to cover, if at all, before some decision was made to turn it into a propaganda campaign.

Posted by: Emily Dickinson | Apr 4 2022 18:02 utc | 62

Africom and French Legion were together in Mariupol? Why am I not suprised?

Posted by: Tomx | Apr 4 2022 18:10 utc | 63

you people are the worst! Glad to see Ukraine strike Russia back and hopefully they will crank it up even more. Make Russia pay in the heartland.
Go on spouting off in this little echo chamber, repeating the likes of Hudson, Escobar or the ignorant Johnstone. Hell you guys even worship the pedophile Scott Ritter. Meanwhile just remember, the U.S. will be here long after you useless fucks are fertilizer.
But go ahead, tell me I’m wrong while many of you rail against capitalism or “empire” whilst enjoying your pensions and safety funded by the very body you attempt to vilify. Hypocrits!!
You can all fuck off and die.

Posted by: Fractional Ownership | Apr 4 2022 18:13 utc | 64

I haven’t looked at any of the pictures or read all that much (only what’s here in this thread) about Bucha, but about the “white armbands”…

Locals would surely know/see Russian forces leaving. If one is sympathetic to the “Russian side” then why run around wearing an armband AFTER the troops left? (this question has been raised by others- it’s the number one question) For those wearing them- Who are you informing about your status?

The armbands were ONLY of use when Russian troops were THERE. Further…

Are we now to have empathy for Russian empathizers? That is, is the “West” now going to worry about these people too (which means they should look over in Lughansk and Donestk if they’re really seriously concerned).

And, “‘Safari’ commando regiment” (thanks to the poster listing out the entire timeframe which mentioned this group), is “forensics” something that this unit normally does? “Commando” would seem to suggest not: I doubt anyone’s “commando” forces do such work. Commandos are concerned with clearing areas of the enemy, not of cleaning up bodies…

No, the white armbands was a message to the locals that they better not side with the Russian forces lest this would be their outcome. No, no people, here, from this time forward will be wearing white armbands. The stupid producers tried to combine effects, not realizing that the white armbands, if seen/understood for what they really are, cannot logically play out/work outside of Busha, outside of Ukraine. Their primary reason was to slap back at locals; secondary was to plant the “war crimes” story.

Posted by: Seer | Apr 4 2022 18:15 utc | 65

No effort should be made to push the narrative that “live’ actors took part. That demeans the horror of what took place. Everyone on and to the side of streets is dead. The two pertinent facts already stated that need to be kept in mind: (1) The mayor never uttered a peep about civilian dead when interviewed after the Russian army left; and (2): It is recorded fact that Azov troops were heard clearly stating they were to kill people with ‘white’ arm-bands, in other words Russian collaborators/supporters among the local community of Bucha. The entire MSM coverage of what is happening in Ukraine is satanic. The even sadder fact is the perpetrators of ‘false flag’ or actual atrocities blamed on Russian troops will not let up, not now, not ever.

Posted by: Ry Brannock | Apr 4 2022 18:15 utc | 66

Posted by: h | Apr 4 2022 17:22 utc | 55

Yes I had this info a couple of days ago but was awaiting confirmation (or not). It seems that there were a gaggle of NATO guys from different countries in the Azovstal HQ in the Steelworks, Cadres by the looks of it.

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 4 2022 18:16 utc | 67

Posted by: Emily Dickinson | Apr 4 2022 18:02 utc | 62

Unfortunately, I can’t post videos here but I saw one video on a Telegram Channel of bodies allegedly killed by Russian troops (2 days after they left Bucha) littering the streets in Bucha. Unfortunately, as the car doing the videoing drove past the ‘corpses’, caught in the side mirror, one ‘corpse’ waved and the 2nd got up and walked away.

Here’s the source:

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 4 2022 18:23 utc | 68

Proof from that NYT piece that the Russians were having a snack while they were killing:

Times reporters counted six bodies of civilians on the streets and sidewalks of Bucha. It was unclear under what circumstances they had died, but the discarded packaging of a Russian military ration was lying beside one man who had been shot in the head.

Posted by: Brendan | Apr 4 2022 18:26 utc | 69

A week or two ago, former Russian president Medvedev suggested that Russia should shut its embassies in all the ‘unfriendly countries’ and close all of their embassies and consular offices in Russia.
Looks like a decent idea to me.

Posted by: D J G | Apr 4 2022 18:26 utc | 70

Very odd that on the official website of the Ukrainian national police, there is no mention on April 2 of the dead bodies everywhere and instead they show photos of just wrecked vehicles and interviewing citizens…?? And note they mention “clearing the area of ​​saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops”. So where did these “cleared” accomplices end up exactly?

Posted by: R | Apr 4 2022 18:29 utc | 71

“Ukrainian MP #IlyaKiva said that the #tragedy in #Bucha was prepared by the #SBU, and planned by the #British intelligence #MI6”

Posted by: Emily Dickinson | Apr 4 2022 18:31 utc | 72

Posted by: Fractional Ownership | Apr 4 2022 18:13 utc | 64
My pension is not funded by neonazis in Ukraine, nor by their supporters and shills in the U.S.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Apr 4 2022 18:37 utc | 73

@ h 55
Unconfirmed . . .The Russian army captured the U.S Major[sic] General Roger L. Cloutier Jr. the U.S. Africa Command HQ Chief of Staff in the besieged Ukrainian Azov camp in Mariupol

Well, well. . .look what we’ve got here, a US Army general getting it on with the Ukraine Army, a “critical NATO Partner.”
No wonder Russia was concerned!
…from US Army July 2021 —
U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Roger L. Cloutier Jr., Commander of NATO’s Allied Land Command, and Acting Deputy for the Ukrainian Land Forces, Major General Oleksandr Holodniuk, visit the International Peacekeeping and Security Center near Yavoriv, Ukraine, July 8, 2021. Part of the continuing staff talks between NATO and Ukrainian land forces, the visit allowed for collaboration and information sharing between the senior staffs and the development of best practices within their organizations. . .here. The photo shows them plotting on a map.

and from March 2021:
KYIV – From March 10-12, 2021, NATO Allied Land Command’s commander, Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier, held key engagements with several Ukrainian military and government leaders to build on a partnership initiative that began in September, 2018. At the time, then commander U.S. Army Lieutenant General J.T. Thomson, signed a letter with Ukrainian Land Forces that established the framework for future cooperation. “This visit to Kyiv is the final part on a multi-nation tour to see NATO’s land forces and their leadership,” said Lieutenant General Cloutier during a post-engagement press conference. “I find the fact I’m concluding this land domain fact-finding mission here in the Land Forces Headquarters of a nation that is a critical partner to our NATO mission of deterrence and defense incredibly appropriate.” . . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 18:38 utc | 74

It appears the UK representative at UNSC has scheduled discussion on these matters for tomorrow (Tuesday). The extra 24 hours presumably required to coordinate the stories, and decide which of the flood of accusations/assertions laid out yesterday (Sunday) will be the official line. The Guardian alone featured descriptions of massive systemic sexualized torture and rape by Russian soldiers, multiple busloads of captive children being used as human shields to protect Russian weapons systems, and a mass grave in Bucha with over four hundred bodies.

Posted by: jayc | Apr 4 2022 18:38 utc | 75

@ Barofsky | Apr 4 2022 18:23 utc | 68

I’ve seen the incriminating video and the various claims. I haven’t studied the frames closely myself, but I know that some have claimed the “waving corpse” was in fact something on the windshield of the vehicle and that the moving corpse in the side rearview mirror was an artifact of the mirror.

I leave these arguments to those with more time to go frame by frame through the video. I recall a book questioning the official account of the assassination of JFK, The Best Evidence, which noted that “interpretable” photographs are seldom the best evidence.

Posted by: Emily Dickinson | Apr 4 2022 18:40 utc | 76

@ Genevoise | Apr 4 2022 17:27 utc | 57

I agree, its just getting worse and worse as time goes on. Now the Finn’s have decided to pile on and the Poles have offered to host US nukes. The ‘west’ is still painting itself into a corner and the Russians can’t back down now, even if they wanted to.

Posted by: MarkU | Apr 4 2022 18:42 utc | 77

@ my 73
..adding info from the 2d link:
“As a NATO partner, Ukraine has provided troops to Allied operations, including in Afghanistan and Kosovo, as well as to the NATO Response Force and NATO exercises. Allies highly value these significant contributions, which demonstrate Ukraine’s commitment to Euro-Atlantic security. As an Enhanced Opportunities Partner, Ukraine will benefit from tailor-made opportunities to help sustain such contributions. This includes enhanced access to interoperability programmes and exercises, and more sharing of information, including lessons learned.”

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 18:43 utc | 78

And yes it’s quite an incredible coincidence that at the same time that the police and press are mentioning clearing Bucha of Russian accomplices, the brutal nazi Azovs were in town.

Option a) Russians decided to withdraw from Bucha and thought it would be entertaining (and completely indifferent to the negative press they would get) to slaughter civilians, including ones collaborating with them having white armbands, on their way out of town; or

Option b) The Nazi Azov’s took revenge on anyone collaborating with the russians and killed a bunch of people upon retaking the city starting on April 01, and with press help, set this up as the Russian’s fault.

Ask who stands to gain and who stands to lose from all this, and you’ll know who did it.

Posted by: R | Apr 4 2022 18:48 utc | 79

Bucha massacre: time and location

(Reposting material from the previous open thread.)

The first video that appeared online was filmed during daylight hours on April 1, the latest. It was a cloudy and rainy day. The other videos must have been from the same day.

Viktoriia 🇺🇸🇺🇦 @ViktoriiaUAH on Twitter, April 1, 2022, 20:07 GMT

My brother sent this to me. Town of Bucha northwest of Kyiv. The amount of dead citizens on one street alone…I just can’t even process.

The location is Idilika on Yabluska Street in Bucha. The largest concentration of bodies is right in front of a gated residential complex named Idilika Home – продаж таунхаусів в Бучі. Yabluska Street runs parallel to the Bucha River, only 200 meters northwest from it. This is very close to the front line. Interestingly the videos or photos show no signs of shelling.

Russian troops left on March 30th. If the video is from April 1st, there is a two day time window.

@ViktoriiaUAH is a naturalized US citizen tweeting for America. It is likely that his brother is also an American citizen, maybe on some voluntary mission in Ukraine. We do not know if he got the video from some friend or filmed it himself. In any case, the video adds an American connection to the events.

23 minutes before the massacre tweet @ViktoriiaUAH sent another tweet with a critical observation. I made the same observation based on another map a few hours later.

Viktoriia 🇺🇸🇺🇦 @ViktoriiaUAH on Twitter, April 1, 2022 19:44 UTC

If this map is accurate we may see the first encirclement of the war soon. If western most blue dot in the finger is Ivankiv there are no roads between it and the river. Interesting to know what Russian forces may be left inside the pocket.

For some reason Ukrainian sources were holding back the information that Russia had left Bucha and Gostamel. Was it because they were preparing the ground for a false-flag massacre? Or was it because the massacre had already happened and they were in damage control mode.

For more sources, see the Bucha massacre page in my massacre archives.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Apr 4 2022 18:54 utc | 80

I see Circe was the only one to pick up on my comment about burning the evidence/bodies. However, there are two other important points: The first is the presumed ages of the victims–all of military age–but all such males were kidnapped during the impressment drive and thus aren’t Ukrainian. Second is an examination of the available video and pics should focus on the victim’s shoes, which will most likely be Russian issue combat boots if my hypothesis is correct.

It’s curious to note that within the few EU nations whose national press aren’t broadcasting NATO propaganda, the votes for Orban and Vucic were very convincing. I hope the French are able to see through the bullshit and vote for Melancon for only he’s Pro-Russia and Anti-NATO, Le Pen is not. As such, Melancon is France’s Independence candidate as he wants to initiate the 6th Republic.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 4 2022 19:00 utc | 81

Brendan | Apr 4 2022 18:26 utc | 69

There are other photos with several bodies, and some of them have the food packs that were handed out by the Russians. (several tons were delivered as a goodwill gesture). You can change the NYT headline to show that simply having food packs from the Russian was a death sentence – as they were then shot for being “saboteurs”.

The next question is What is the “Pit” in the Avostal?

These are three Twits from pepe Escobar;

“MARIUPOL 1/3 THIS is going to be THE explosive story of the whole 404 saga, not the Bucha false flag. Yes, there’s an array of NATO honchos still holed up with the Azov neo-Nazis in the bowels of Azovstal. Yet the key is what was going on in this underground 8 floors down.
MARIUPOL 2/3 Civilian prisoners of the “Biblioteka” at Mariupol airport said they were constantly threatened to be sent to a pit – from which they would never return. The “pit” may have been a NATO-run underground bio-lab at Azovstal. Avostal owner Akhmetov is freaking out.
MARIUPOL 3/3 Bio-military experiments in 404 were carried by Akhmetov’s company Metabiota. The Russian Investigative Committee is frantically collective evidence for a REAL, upcoming Nuremberg Trials-2. So the real story of the sinister pit” will emerge soon.”

We have already learnt a little about what the other Bio-labs were working on – taking ADN samples to try to make a “directed” virus etc. specifically against particular ethnic groups. I hope I am wrong here but this is really getting filthy.

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 4 2022 19:01 utc | 82

Roger L. C!outier, the U.S. general allegedly captured in Mariupol, is now a Lieutenant General and commander of the Allied Land Force, headquartered in Izmir, Turkey.

Posted by: Lysias | Apr 4 2022 19:02 utc | 83

LMAO! What a bunch of Russophiles! You guys sorta made sense back in the early 2000’s when you were against the war in Iraq but, goddamn, you’re pulling for Russia now? That just takes the cake…

Posted by: Nunyer Business | Apr 4 2022 19:02 utc | 84

UK’s Truss has set the agenda for the UNSC tomorrow with UK’s Woodward as committee president this month. With the UK in charge it’s a foregone conclusion that Russia is guilty as charged, never mind the facts.
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said:
> As Russian troops are forced into retreat, we are seeing increasing evidence of appalling acts by the invading forces in towns such as Irpin and Bucha.
> Their indiscriminate attacks against innocent civilians during Russia’s illegal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine must be investigated as war crimes.
We will not allow Russia to cover up their involvement in these atrocities through cynical disinformation and will ensure that the reality of Russia’s actions are brought to light.
> The UK will fully support any investigations by the International Criminal Court, in its role as the primary institution with the mandate to investigate and prosecute war crimes. The UK-led effort to expedite and support an International Criminal Court investigation into crimes in Ukraine was the largest State referral in its history.
> We will not rest until those responsible for atrocities, including military commanders and individuals in the Putin regime, have faced justice.
> At this time, more than ever, it is essential that the international community continues to provide Ukraine with the humanitarian and military support it so dearly needs, and that we step up sanctions to cut off funding for Putin’s war machine at source. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 19:04 utc | 85

@ Nunyer Business 82
What a bunch of Russophiles!
Make that truthofiles, if you have time in your busy troll schedule.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 19:06 utc | 86

Coincidentally, the suburb of Izmir where Gen. Cloutier’s headquarters is located is named Buca.

Posted by: Lysias | Apr 4 2022 19:14 utc | 87

Today Lavrov met with Martin Griffiths, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs. Here are his opening remarks:

Today, the international community is focusing on the situation in and around Ukraine. Quite some time ago, we established contacts with your Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. We can see how this interaction helps resolve humanitarian problems, above all those facing people in eastern Ukraine as well as in other parts of the country. We believe that it is necessary to provide humanitarian aid to all people who find themselves in a difficult situation. We are actively doing this for the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.

We cooperate with international partners, including the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross, in order to organise humanitarian convoys to Ukrainian cities such as Sumy, Kharkov and Mariupol. Unfortunately, attempts continue to politicise humanitarian issues and even to speculate on them. Two weeks ago, attempts were made to present the situation in a Mariupol maternity ward as a crime by the Russian military. It later turned out that the purpose of these efforts was openly provocative, and that fake materials had been submitted. They were later debunked.

Another information attack took place the other day in the town of Bucha in the Kiev Region soon after Russian service personnel left the vicinity under specific plans and agreements. A “show” was staged there several days later, and Ukrainian representatives and their Western patrons are broadcasting it on all channels and social media networks. All Russian service personnel left the town on March 30, 2022. On March 31, 2022, the mayor of Bucha made an official statement that everything was all right there. Two days later, we saw the “show,” organised on the town’s streets, and they are now trying to use it for anti-Russia purposes.

We have requested an urgent UN Security Council meeting on this issue. We believe that such provocations directly threaten international peace and security. The United Kingdom that presides in the UN Security Council this month has so far failed to confirm whether the meeting can take place. We will demand that the presidency fulfil its functions.

I hope that today we will discuss the practical issues that have to be resolved with you here today and at the Russian Defence Ministry. We will be ready to examine our interaction in such serious humanitarian situations as Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. I hope to discuss all subjects of mutual interest. [My Emphasis]

I’ll now go to the MFA’s Russian language page to see if there’s anything additional.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 4 2022 19:16 utc | 88

tweet from RealPepeEscobar:
Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva:
Bucha was “prepared” by the SBU, and planned by MI6.
Ukro-Brit prod. Fail. Could have asked Sean Penn to direct. He’s available – and on site. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 19:16 utc | 89

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Apr 4 2022 18:54 utc | 78

Thanks very much for these illuminating details, Petri. You voice my own increasing sense that the “Bacha Massacre” propaganda is really damage control by the Ukrainians, a strategy that wasn’t settled on until April 3. Hence the relatively benign video of Bucha from the Ukrainian “police” on April 2.

Posted by: Emily Dickinson | Apr 4 2022 19:18 utc | 90

@Don Bacon 84

It’s not that complicated:

– I was against the war in Iraq in 2003. The United States was the unprovoked aggressor in that situation.

– I am not against Ukraine defending itself in 2022. Russia is the unprovoked aggressor in this situation.

Jesus, y’all are just exulting in this shit right now. Every other post is a Putin-gasm of some sort. Don’t know how y’all think y’all are the good guys, but you’re not.

Posted by: Nunyer Business | Apr 4 2022 19:19 utc | 91

Barofsky | Apr 4 2022 16:52 utc | 49

I posted at @80 before I read your post above. Yours is much better. Add in the number of high ranking Officers (NATO US and so on) In the Avrostal and we can see why there has been so much panic to get them out.
Why do they think Putin will let them off, and “not see” the obvious connections?
I suspect that this war will draw to a rapid conclusion to keep the danger of US Biolabs hidden from the general brainwashed public.

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 4 2022 19:20 utc | 92


You can see from multiple angles that these civilians in Bucha were carrying emergency food rations distributed by Russian forces before the troops withdrew. These victims were almost certainly killed by Ukrainian nationalists for being “saboteurs” who “collaborated” with Russia.

The particular photos in the link seems a bit weird too, there seems like someone have dumped these bodies there, lying around trash etc
Not to mention how did they die? Not much of blood, wounds etc.

Posted by: Zanon | Apr 4 2022 19:21 utc | 93

Blinken by twitter (nothing official available)
We strongly condemn apparent atrocities by Kremlin forces in Bucha and across Ukraine. We are pursuing accountability using every tool available, documenting and sharing information to hold accountable those responsible.. .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 19:23 utc | 94

If I understand Russian-language sources right, the following is the first video from the town, and shows the Ukraine national guard (?) enter the city. I see only one body on the ground. Locals are not mentioning any massacre in dialogue with Ukrainian soldiers, as far as I understand (I understand Russian, but it is hard to understand the exact content of the dialogues).

The video has a water-mark from the Ukrainian forces, and is published at the Ukrainian Pravda Youtube-Channel. Uploaded on the 2th of April. I believe this is thus a testimony of the Ukrainian view of the town, before the propaganda machinery decided to make a “narrative” of massacre and genocide.

Greetings from Norway

Posted by: Breidablikk | Apr 4 2022 19:27 utc | 95

@ Nunyer Business 89
You’re just trolling and repeating the government line re: “unprovocked” which was correct with Iraq but incorrect with Ukraine. For us ignorance is not an option — get used to it while you read some facts, maybe learn something.
Start with this: Iraq=Ukraine is bullshit.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 19:29 utc | 96

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 4 2022 19:29 utc | 94

..Nunyer Business 89 STFU!

Don we’re all on your side thanks keep updating… THANKS again.

Posted by: JC | Apr 4 2022 19:36 utc | 97

Ukraine should not exist. They were born in the ethnic cleansing blood of Volhynia. Germany invaded Poland to stop the Polish from British instigated massacres in the Danzig corridor. The Germans then gave tacit approval for the Ukrainians who did not yet have a state to ethnically cleanse the Polish in their East (eventually stealing their city Lviv). Stepan Banderas was a leader in those ethnic cleansing campaigns that killed over 100k people. He is the guy the Ukrainians celebrate in the KIEV TORCH MARCH on Jan 1 every year.

See: Peasants to Perpetrators

The Ukrainians followed their “The Decalogue of a Ukrainian Nationalist” then.

And they have never stopped ethnically cleansing. Same ugly tactics. Now instead of farm tools and bludgeoning they put mortars on the back of pickup trucks and cross into the buffer zone to blow predominantly ethnic Russian villages in Donbas/Donetsk.

MI6/CIA Operation Quake -> Navalny fail -> MI6/CIA Euromaidan via Poroshenko -> Ukrainian ethnic cleansing campaigns in Donetsk/Donbas -> MI6/CIA install Zelensky -> Putin attacks, demonized

When a criminal wants to commit a crime they steal a car, when Britain/MI6 wants to commit a crime they steal a country.

The British hated Ukraine anyway, they hate neo-nazi’s and they hate nuclear energy. Ukraine was a beacon for clean nuclear power in addition to genocide and neo-nazis.

With the internet here at this late age people are waking up to the misanthropic deeds that Britain has committed against humanity stretching back to the French Revolution. See Hellfire Clubs [B. Frank American ethos and his brother] -> Freemasonry -> Spies (Agent 711 aka GW). They have embarked upon a world conquest scheme that utilizes infiltration/subversion via Freemasonry and spies and obtainable assets under them. CIA controls the US (owns/operates much of Hollywood/MSM [CNN/ABC, etc]/Evangelicals/Illicit Drug Trade/Wall St/Tech Sector [Intel/Google/AMD]. Fires are continually lit under the CIA (fake Moon Landing / 911) for Britain to maintain a grip on them. CIA specialty is in subverting countries and rigging elections to install favorable world leaders.

Why does the US comply with British demand? Goes back to the founding Fraudsters who were British loyalists who got in early to subvert the United States pursuant to a policy of financial subjugation. GW was Agent 711, he ran Culpers for the British – what did Culpers accomplish ? It is credited with precluding the US from embracing fiat currency (what we have now), keeping us dependent on one-to-one reserves so we could struggle for funds and hence necessitate taxation. How did it preclude us from embracing fiat, because according to Culpers it was known to GW that the British had a collection of high quality counterfeiters at the ready who would promptly begin forging notes. What they don’t tell you at the MtV website is that GW were intercepting messages for the British, he would send a “secure” message from real American revolutionaries to a counterfeiter working with him who would decode and then reprotect the messages for the British. He was walking around in Manhattan, Thomas Jefferson is another. They’ve used spies/spy agencies and Freemasonry to subvert nations for the last 200+ years. CIA is founded by Wild Bill Donovan British asset, CIA controls the US – CIA runs Hollywood, Tech Companies (Intel/AMD), MSM (CBS/CNN/ABC, etc), Google, Wall Street, illicit drug trade and specializes in rigging elections. CIA did 9/11 – British need a fire under them at all times to keep them controllable. That’s why we do “stupid stuff”. British keeping us weak, destroying our heritage – redlining Detroit, poisoning our food (glyphosate), air (cadmium ehaust, emf smog), water (fluoride). Before that it was leaded gasoline, lead paint, lead pipes (lead makes ppl retarded and it was known then).

The wars haven’t stopped since McKinley was assassinated and Fed Reserve implemented. The British do anything they can to keep America weak and downtrodden. Mass incarceration, heavy taxes, destruction of major cities (Redlining of Detroit / Baltimore), poisoning, etc.

British OUT, real restored America is a Land of Sovereigns with Respect for All Life.

Posted by: Adam Danischewski | Apr 4 2022 19:37 utc | 98

please ignore the troll…

@ Breidablikk | Apr 4 2022 19:27 utc | 93

thanks.. i think this is an important video for reference…. i translated some of the comments… here are 2 of them back to back –

1 – no one was shot, it’s sad that our state makes such fakes

2- Do some Ukrainians really understand this?

Posted by: james | Apr 4 2022 19:39 utc | 99

another comment off video @ 93…………… i am using the translation too..

Thank you for posting the self exposing video from Bucha. People are absolutely calm, the streets are clean, no corpses, nothing. The Russians left Bucha to the Ukrainians without corpses, and the Ukrainians have already made Bucha with corpses.

Posted by: james | Apr 4 2022 19:41 utc | 100

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