Stop Criticizing Your Wives For Their Stretch Marks And Change Of Body After Childbirth And Pamper Them- Nana Tea Advises Men

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The body of women experience a lot of changes before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after childbirth. Some of these changes may include, weight gain, body odour, Stretch Marks, deep scars amongst others. Unfortunately, most men are unable to accept that their partner’s body is no longer going to be as it was when they first met as a result they end up cheating on them.

Nana Tea with his wife and twins

Well, Popular Philanthropist Nana Tea has taken to Facebook to drop a word of advice to these men.

According to Nana Tea, it’s about time men learn to accept the changes their wives go through during childbirth. He explained that the stretch marks on the bodies of women should be appreciated for the sacrifice they had to make.

He wrote: Dear Husbands,
The wrinkles and stretch marks on your wife’s tummy is a sign that she just gave birth to a new life. Stop complaining, about her tummy. Support her and be a responsible father. She didn’t come into your house with a wrinkled tummy, turning your house into a home made her like that.

She did not come into your house with that big tummy, creating a home for your baby inside her for 9 months made her like that. Some women had to go under the knife to give birth to a new life! Be a good husband! Instead of complaining about the wrinkles and stretch marks, appreciate her and love her more”.

A picture of a woman whose body has changed after childbirth