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The ongoing undeclared war by the United States and its acolytes against the revolutionary Bolivian Republic of Venezuela continues on many fronts and in various forms, from active economic sanctions, military aggression, blockades, nationalization and outright theft and seizures of assets belonging to Venezuela and diplomatic warfare.
Various forms or tools are used by the imperialist aggressor including kidnapping of cadres and officials of Venezuela using rendition and dubious and illegal extraditions. This is done through pressure to kidnap and illegally detain diplomats on official visits to or in transit through third countries in flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention of 1961 on diplomatic immunity.

The United States has exerted illegal political and economic pressure on Cabo Verde, a sovereign African country to detain illegally a Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab on transit in that country and despite an absence of an extradition treaty to forcibly agree to extradite the kidnapped diplomat to the United States.
This naked diplomatic aggression using vulnerable 3rd countries to do its bidding should be utterly condemned and is completely unacceptable.

We call on all Progressive Partners in Africa to draw attention of PAIGC to its revolutionary origins and desist from cooperating with an imperialist criminal aggression against a fellow revolutionary state of Venezuela. Cabo Verde a victim of colonialism and Portuguese and NATO aggression can do better than acquiesce to blackmail by the United States, The diplomatic community of ECOWAS and the AU as well as the United Nations is called upon to intervene on this impunity and brigandage which has the tendency to subvert the international system and bring the international community into disrepute and chaos. As a result of the forcible detention and possible extradition of diplomat Alex Saab will lead to insecurity amongst diplomats who are essential to international work. This criminal action is
indeed a blot on the long -standing inviolability of state messengers which is time honored from ancient times in inter -state discourse.

The Socialist Movement of Ghana demands of the Cape Verdean government, the immediate release of Alex Saab and a return to his homeland of Venezuela. The SMG demands of the USA to respect international law and stop its aggressive tendencies towards countries like
Venezuela and others who want to be different from them. We call on all African countries
and the world to demand the freedom of Alex Saab.
Long live a law and order based international system.

Justice Henaku,
Head of International Relation

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