Sovereign Cuba tests its own vaccine.

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Cuba leads race for Latin American coronavirus vaccine | Reuters

Be not deceived: God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, the same he will reap.

Cuba has done it again. The island of 11.3m people will within weeks test its own covid-19 vaccine called Soberana 2. Soberana means sovereign in Spanish.

Yes Castrokrom is stamping out its sovereignty through this vaccine. What one man has done, another man can do, said my mentor Marcus Garvey. Whatever any nation has done, Castro believed his nation could do and that was the seed he sowed.

West Africa has the highest incidence of Meningitis, yet it was Cuba that 1st produced a vaccine for meningitis to save many citizens of ECOWAS. That is how hopelessly hopeless we are.

Cuba produces more vaccine per capita than any country in the world. Yes, you read me right. Cuba under-5 mortality is 6/1000, that of US is 7/1000 and Ghana 60/1000 (that’s if the figures can be believed). It means when 1000 babies are born in Cuba only 6 die before their 5th birthday whereas 60 die in Ghana. A Cuban child has 10x chance to celebrate his 5th birthday than a Ghanaian baby.

The most important criterion in the child survival strategy is MATERNAL EDUCATION. In Cuba female literacy rate is 100%. The next most important strategy is immunization. Cuba produces all its vaccines. Ghana gets its free from UNICEF. And we call ourselves sovereign. Shameless beggars.

Castro governed Cuba for 5 decades and died without a house in his name. An underemployed boy becomes a letter writer in a political office and within 4years he is the owner of multiple high rising buildings. Ghana, you will reap what you sow. We just don’t know what we are about. It is extraordinarily sad.

I wish Cuba well.
God bless the island Cuba.
May El Comandante Fidel RIP

Nii Amu Darko
President, ARM.

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