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Jean Mensa, Electoral Commission Chairperson


Rojo writes:

I am writing to you very reluctantly but I guess I must let you know what the reality is about NDC’s true predicament going into 2024. Denial will not help us!!! We must do things differently for better election outcomes!!!

What is your beef about me representing NDC in the RC Strong Room?

If you care to know, I represented NDC severally from 1992, 1996, 2000 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2020.

In all of these events in 2004, I pursued the presidential election results petition all the way to the Supreme Court with Hon Squadron Leader Clend Sowu and Hon Ebenezer Porthopy for three years and eight months.

In the election of 2008 we secured the pink sheets, implemented an election results collation IT system which gave us accurate results within 48 hours of the end of polling and defended all schemes of NPP in the Strong Room to alter the results. We successfully teamed up with other friendly political parties in the Strong Room.

Come 2012, “my team” ( dedicated NDC Youth) again secured the presidential election results pink sheets and made same available to the legal team to defend the Supreme Court proceedings in court. Again “We” successfully teamed up with other friendly political parties in the Strong Room.

In 2016 we were never engaged even though we had carried out nationwide research with data to address the issues related to polling trends. We were not given accreditation to the EC strong room. We still provided at the very last minute logistics of mobile phones, data and indicated our willingness to assist if requested to.

Come 2020, I was invited to join the Election Directorate as an individual and not as a team of some over 8,000 youth built over many years of competent commitment and proven operational skills to capture election results and transmit same to the respective leadership as appropriate.

I helped train Election directorate regional team leadership inspite of my ill health.

If you care to know, I never got accreditation to the EC strong room on D Day even though the party nominated me to lead the NDC STRONG ROOM TEAM. How I got in there is another dramatic story.

Representing the party in the STRONG ROOM is meaningless if you do not have a robust team at constituency, regional and National party levels helping you to validate results trickling into the EC STRONG ROOM.

The party did not secure friends among the other political parties represented in the EC STRONG ROOM. The media was not permitted to mingle with the political parties represented in the strong room.

The both the local and foreign election observers were extremely inactive in the Strong Room.

Remember that the EC had changed the results declarations process by forwarding on regional summary results sheets. Without a proactive party feedback to their representatives in the strong room, the representatives were extremely handicapped in validating results in real time!!!

The NPP and other parties were happy to simply endorse anything the EC THREW AT THEM. Indeed, their strategy was to have the EC to declare the presidential election results in 24hrs after the poll.

Take note that no complete regional presidential election results
had come in after 48 hours from all 16 regional offices of the EC.

By new election results declarations format, the results must be completed for all constituencies without any queries or challenges.

I had to leave the EC in the early hours of the second day to the party headquarters because we were not receiving any confirmation from the Election Directorate.

48 hours after the pollsters still had no feedback from Hq.

We had stalled the EC’s work for two days and pressure was mounting in the strong room for confirmation or endorsement!!!

That is NDC for you in 2020!!! Al
Manner of persons were parading at the HQ that they were working. The National Organiser, IT Director, Director of Communication and the Election Directorate. Each claiming they had deployed rapid response systems for validating the constituency level results.

The parliamentary candidates did much better since they were dealing only with their own constituencies and not the regional totals!!!

Question? How come NDC FAILED TO COLLECT 275 presidential election results in real time? And yet for the parliamentary elections our candidates secured their personal interests!!!

That speaks volumes.

I have refused to comment publicly because any comments from me or my team would reveal serious systemic challenges within the party hierarchy.

Inspite of these events and challenges I still availed myself for the election petition hearing when I had COVID!!!

Cyril I am extremely knowledgeable about election management processes and will avail myself to whoever appreciates my contribution. I am not NDC but a member of the fraternity and feel privileged to serve when called… BUT NDC SHOULD FACE ITS OWN GHOST PRETENDING TO WORK WHEN INDEED WE HAVE NO UNITY OF PURPOSE IN SECURING ELECTION RESULTS IN 48 hours after polls close.

You speak of knowing who really and truly caused us the 2020 presidential elections… we have gone beyond rhetoric to also conduct a forensic audit on all the pink sheets. God help NDC!!!

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