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Africom, the United States and western led militarization of the African continent through the
siting of numerous military bases and stationing of military personnel on African soil has been
taken a notch higher by attempting to integrate African national armies into the Africom Strategic
Command through constant annual land, air and Naval exercises.

Western armed personnel have been sent to Mali, Niger, Chad and Burkina Faso to interfere in
civil disputes and to defend economic and political interests of the United States, France, Portugal,
Canada, Brazil and other European countries. The huge increase of western military personnel in
Africa is aimed at defending multinationals engaged in the exploitation of the Uranium (Niger),
Gold (Ghana, Mali), Bauxite (Guinea), Fishing (Senegal, Namibia), oil (Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire,
Angola and Ghana) and other resources.

The Africom Strategic Command and control exercise has now been expanded to gigantic naval
exercises to cover the busy sea-lanes off the Western coast of Africa including the Gulf of Guinea
and the South-western coast of Africa in the Atlantic. The U.S. Naval forces in Europe and Africa
have launched a multinational maritime exercise in Western Africa with 32 participating countries
from South America, Europe (WATO alliance) and Africa.
The opening ceremony of this exercise, which is in the 10th year, will be in Accra, Ghana on 19th
March 2021. These naval war games are being sponsored by the U.S, Africa Command
(AFRICOM) and are designed to improve maritime domain awareness creation and information
sharing, but clearly the main purpose is allegedly to facilitate imperialist domination of the Gulf
of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

They are to strengthen U.S. military and strategic stranglehold on both the African land and naval
forces and secure the maritime and other resources and sea lanes especially for the American and
European multinationals. They are also to create a rapid response capability for military
interventions to secure the moribund and reactionary pro-western regimes strewn across the North
and South Western Atlantic coast of Africa and the sub-regions.

Ghana’s current government has now become emboldened after getting away with signing a
dubious one-sided military base agreement with the U.S.A which amongst others gave away for
free a National frequency and the exclusive use of terminal 1 of the Accra International Airport
and use of Bunduase and Achiase Jungle warfare schools. It is now offering naval facilities in
Tema and Takoradi for the U.S. and NATO naval forces under AFRICOM. Our Political
sovereignty and our non-alignment status are all being compromised. A longstanding pillar of our
foreign policy, not to allow the stationing of foreign military forces from any foreign power or
military bloc has been thrown to the “dogs”. Ghana has become a Western satellite.

The Socialist Forum of Ghana condemns the flagrant violations of our sovereignty in the strongest
terms and calls on all progressive forces and patriots to call out the NPP government for
compromising our national security and sovereignty and rally together in defense of the national
and African cause.

These military exercises are an affront to the independence of Ghana and Africa and undermine
the dreams of the leaders of the independence movement to build a prosperous and united Africa.
We are confident that the people of Africa will once again mobilise to defeat imperialist penetration
and subjugation.
Justice Henaku
Head of the International Relations Department
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