SFG Statement on 49th Anniversary of Martyrdom of Nkrumah

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Assassination attempt on Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah


27th April, 2021
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On Tuesday April 27, 2021 at 5 am
49 years ago today, Ghana and the world anti-imperialist movement suffered a tremendous
blow. At the intellectually productive age of 62, in a hospital in faraway Bucharest, Kwame
Nkrumah, principal architect of Ghanaian and African liberation and first President of our
country passed away. The Socialist Forum of Ghana joins hands with millions of people in
Africa who commemorate 27 th April as a significant day in the Global anti-imperialist calendar.
Osagyefo died just 6 years after his sub-Saharan Republic was destroyed and its self-reliant
economy and society disrupted by the CIA and well-placed Ghanaian traitors.

Even by the time of Osagyefo’s death, the counter-revolution was in tatters and the so-called
“Danquah-Busia” elements behind it had started reaping the whirlwind. The genie of military
intervention that they unleashed in 1966 had already devoured their short-lived and the
ineffectual Second Republic and plunged Ghana into a period of instability that would last 26
years and a period of economic and social decline that has not ended. The last 6 years of
Osagyefo’s life must have been hugely traumatic as he saw the chaos imposed on his beloved
Ghana by clueless NLC, Progress Party, and NRC administrations.

No one could have understood better than Osagyefo the universe of missed opportunities for
planned transformational development that the coup-makers and their sponsors in the so-called
“Danquah-Busia” tradition were inflicting on Ghana as they barbarically set out to loot and
dismantle the integrated scientific and industrial foundations that Ghanaians had laid from 1957
to 1966. No one could have understood better than Nkrumah the continental, if not world,
significance of the destruction of the Ghana project and the desperate destruction Imperialism
would cause across the continent to consolidate the counter-revolution and destroy any political
movements that might seek to emulate Ghana’s example.

Nkrumah’s death was an assassination and a second US coup – this time against the people of
Guinea where Nkrumah served as co-President. Imperialism was not satisfied with toppling
Nkrumah from state power and dismantling Ghana’s socialist experiment and its support for
continental liberation. The West sought to silence Nkrumah forever. They sought to deny the
pan-African cause one of its most important symbols – a living, breathing rallying point for the
intensification of struggles against colonial and neocolonial arrangements.

The US, UK, Germany, and France were not willing to tolerate an independent Africa that was
not controlled by neo-colonial regimes and that would not guarantee the continued exploitation
of our natural resources and labour established at the end of the 19th century. Nkrumah, inexile, remained a powerful rallying point for united and anti-imperialist Africa. Agents of the CIA, therefore, worked tirelessly to eliminate Dr. Nkrumah in Conakry where, after his

overthrow in Ghana he had continued to write and broadcast and mobilise for the African
Today half a century later despite Imperialism’s plotting, sabotage, coups, militarisation, and
murders the cause for which Osagyefo gave his life is back on the table as the principal political
agenda of the African people – a united socialist Africa. And amongst the ordinary folk of
Africa from Cape Town to Cairo and from Morocco to Madagascar, Osagyefo’s name stands
tall as an inspiration of our struggle. Truly Nkrumah never dies! And the days of imperialist
exploitation of Africa are numbered.
Long Live Nkrumah!
Long Live the Ghana Revolution!
Long Live African Unity!
Justice Henaku
For Convener.