Return ‘Junk Food’ Donation to Israeli Ambassador – COMOG to Alhaji Banda

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The Coalition of Muslim Organisations, Ghana (COMOG), has vehemently rejected a purported consignment of food items received from the Israeli Ambassador, H.E. Shlomit Sufa, through Alhaji Ben Abdallah Banda, Coordinator for the Zongo and Inner-City Development Secretariat.

This rejection follows allegations that the food was intended for the celebration of Eidul Fitr.

In a statement issued today,14th April 2024, COMOG clarified that Muslims in Ghana had not solicited nor were they aware of any request for food aid from the Israeli government or its representatives.

“The Coalition of Muslim Organisations, Ghana (COMOG) wishes to state categorically on behalf of the Muslim Community that Muslims in Ghana are not aware of any request for a gift of food from the government of Israel, nor its agents. We therefore by this communique wish to inform the general public that no such item from the Israeli Ambassador was expected, nor received by COMOG for onward distribution to the Muslim Ummah in Ghana.”

The statement further condemned what they described as an attempt to exploit the Muslim community in Ghana for “selfish and parochial political agendas.”

“We wish to urge Alhaji Banda and the Zongo and Inner-city Development Secretariat to desist from using the name of Muslims in pursuit of selfish and parochial political agenda.”

They accused Alhaji Banda and the Zongo and Inner-City Development Secretariat of insensitivity towards the plight of Muslims suffering under Israeli occupation, particularly referencing the situation in Gaza.

“COMOG again wishes to place on record that in contemporary times, the Zionist State of Israel, its agents and collaborators have constituted themselves into the most ignoble cabal with an avowed objective of annihilating Muslims and Islam in its entirety”.

Mohammed Shamsudeen Shaibu, Chairman and Media Research Committee, COMOG, declared that accepting food items from the Israeli Ambassador demonstrated a disregard for the suffering endured by Palestinians and amounted to condoning the actions of the Israeli government against Muslims.

“In as much as the existence of inconsistency may be part of the traits of an ambitious person, the Muslim Community in Ghana expects Alhaji Banda and the Zongo and Inner-city Development Secretariat to exercise due diligence when it involves clandestine attempts by the Zionist of Israel and its agencies to shield their crimes against humanity and the consequent suffering they have caused innocent people around the world. Was the action of Abdallah Banda and Zongo and Inner-city Development Secretariat supposed to suggest that they are unaware of the carnage and atrocities in Palestine, perpetrated by the State of Israel? How could they stoop so low, succumbing to the bait of the Zionist State of Israel, giving them the opportunity to cover up their enmity and savagery against humanity?”

COMOG calls upon all Muslims in Ghana to boycott any social or religious programs organized by Alhaji Ben Abdallah Banda until the food items are returned to their source.

“COMOG therefore, as part of its protest against the exploitation of Israel, wishes to call on all Muslims not only to blacklist Alhaji Abdallah Banda pertaining to social and religious programs in the Muslim Communities, but also boycott any program he would organise until he returns the items to source and renders an unqualified apology to all Muslims in Ghana.”

COMOG is demanding for an unconditional apology from Alhaji Banda for his role in accepting the donation.

Attached is the full statement 

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