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President Nana Akufo-Addo

On the conversation about the ‘forced’ removal of Daniel Yaw Domelevo from office as the Auditor-General of the Republic of Ghana on CNN, was Akufo-Addo speaking out of naivety or with reckless abandon?

Naivety, because the CNN Report Desk is not that far away as implied from the thought processes that went into the response elicited from Akufo-Addo. The CNN Report Desk is privy to the fact that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Audit Service is 72 years.

Also, it is privy to a court rulling that stated in clear terms that Martin Amidu was qualified to occupy public office on his appointment as the Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Ghana, in spite of records of his age which has since passed retirement. In this regard, existing records of the continuous stay in office of certain notable public officers who have since passed retirement age, and are signed on contract such as the IGP and numerous others, is public notice.

So why should Daniel Yaw Domelevo be the exception of the rule to the above cited examples? The answer is not farfetched, as records state clearly. It is baffling to understand what Akufo-Addo meant, when he praised Daniel Yaw Domelevo for making savings of more than GHS60m to the public purse, but was instrumental in his persecution after he issued damning reports about the Ministry of Finance topping the league of MDAs which overspent way beyond stipulated budget limits.


Daniel Yaw Domelevo came under the attack of government and its functionaries, after he published reports on Kroll Associates, which had received US$1m for no work done. He came under EOCO investigations over procurement breaches which didn’t fall directly under his office, and eventually turned into a court case he battled bitterly.


Summarily, the response from Akufo-Addo was with reckless abandon. He should have known better. He chose to dent the image of the country alongside his fast sinking reputation now in tatters. God bless our homeland, Ghana.

Cadre Shmuel Ja’Mba Abm