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11 August 2022
Press statement

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) stands in solidarity with Abahlali BaseMjondolo as they prepare to go to court to pressurise the NPA to prosecute those alleged to have assassinated members of the organisation. Samson Ngubane and his brother have been arrested for the assassination of Comrade Nokuthula Mabaso, who was a leader at eKhenana Commune. Ngubane and his brother are expected to appear in court on Friday for bail. It is alleged that Ngubane’s son, the notorious Khaya Ngubane, was also involved in the murder of Comrade Ayanda Ngila.

According to ABM Samson Ngubane is a businessman whose attacks on the movement are tied to his personal business interests. It is alleged that he wishes to use the land which the eKhenana commune of Abahlali have occupied, for profit. It is believed that they planned to develop the land in order to build flats which were going to be sold for profit.

The ABM and its members have been victims of a relentless campaign where the ANC in eThekwini has used state machinery against members of the landless peoples’ movement. During covid-19 and even before, members of ABM were routinely subjected to violent unlawful evictions carried out by the municipality, the residents were harassed and their personal belongings were destroyed or stolen.

The NUMSA general Secretary comrade Irvin Jim has condemned the ANC government for its cowardly attacks on the movement.

“Despite the persistent attacks by the state, they remain resolute. Their courage is inspiring and as NUMSA we will always defend and support them. Their demands for land justice and dignity for the working class and the poor are just and they must be defended! We share their vison for a Socialist South Africa where all of us can be genuinely free and equal.”

The court application will be heard on the 12th of August at Durban Magistrates court at 10 am. We hope that the court and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) will do the right thing and deny these cold hearted killers bail and ensure that harsh sentences are handed down for those responsible for the senseless murders of these leaders. It would be unfortunate if the alleged killers get away with these murders as it sends the message to society at large that certain people are exempt from prosecution even if they commit heinous crimes.

Aluta continua!
The struggle continues!

Issued by Irvin Jim
NUMSA General Secretary

Irvin Jim
NUMSA General Secretary
073 157 6384

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