National Cathedral Justification : An open letter to Most Rev. Fr. C. G. Palmer Buckle

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I wish to respond to this justification of yours for the National Cathedral and indicate my displeasure for your misrepresentation in the Moses Temple Building comparison. Particularly because it makes no sense to me first as a Catholic Lay Faithful and secondly because you have not made this statement through your clerical nor sacerdotal lenses. You have now fully identified yourself as one of those professionals (Religious in your case) who allow their professional judgment to be tampered for political expediency.

My dear Bishop, was Moses the ruler of Egypt or Pharaoh was…? Were the hardships that the Israelites suffered at the hands of the Egyptians and the ruling class or it was at supervised by Moses…? When you juxtapose pose the Israelite situation to the Ghanaian situation would you cite Moses as the spiritual leader of the Israelites or their Political leader. So, by this your very WARPED logic and inference, is Nana Addo, the MOSES or he is the Pharaoh.

Sadly, this it isn’t the case that, the Christian/Peace Councils or Bishops are combining efforts to build a Cathedral for the State in which case they are asking for state support and Ghanaians are opposing. Your friend the President is the one to whom we pay our taxes and if you are not a renegade Bishop, you would have heard or probably been in the colloquial where your colleagues and contemporaries circulated a communicate chastising government for being a bunch of talkatives, rather than doers.

Moses built a Temple when the Israelites were suffering hardships, yes, but that difficulty was not supervised by Moses. Rather his building of the Temple was their solace and represented hope to the suffering Israelites. Your friend the President takes our taxes and charters Luxury jets with which he can bath in the sky.

Indeed, during the Covid-19 pandemic I personally contributed through my fraternity’s relief services to support the Bishops conference efforts in dealing with the pandemic. NADMO is currently not fully resourced to support the victims of the floods along the Volta Coastline but you are confidently defending this Cathedral building.

You are a very smart and intelligent Bishop and I personally can attest to that. And so, I gave so much thought to this epistle before writing it. I can bet my last on the fact that you know and knew very well the implications of this opinion and impression you shared and the timing for it as well. For this I also felt the point should be made tritely to you my Bishop that, when we the lay faithful listen to you speak as Bishop we do not like zombies consume them hook, line and sinker. With the little wisdom and intellect God has given us we also process what you tell us and align it to further standard proofs before obliging or otherwise. Today you will find Catholics who treat your comments are tainted with political colouration and you kind of entrench this view.

The sea is eating the land along the Volta Coastline and I am about sending my little donation of a widows might to support the flood victims. You wish to tell me to forget the hardships and donate towards the National Cathedral citing the Moses Temple Building scenario as justification……?

Oh, my Most Rev. Fr….. Why…..!!!?

By Charles McCarthy

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