Members of Congress Call on Biden Administration to Condemn Israeli Demolition

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Members of the US Congress called on President Joe Biden’s administration to openly condemn the Israeli demolitions and to take diplomatic measures that would put an end to this policy.

The members, in a letter to the US State Department regarding the policy towards Palestine, expressed their deep concern about Israel’s home demolition policy in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

They called on the US State Department to launch an investigation into the possibility of Israel using American equipment in the demolition operations and to decide whether this equipment was used in violation of the “Arms Export Control Law”, or any US-Israeli agreements.

Moreover, they affirmed their aspiration to build a fruitful relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that supports the human rights and dignity of the Palestinian people.

The members of Congress expressed their concern that Israel would abandon its obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention regarding the provision of health safety measures for citizens in the occupied Palestinian territories.

They pointed out that Israel is obligated to provide the vaccine to all Palestinians living under the Israeli military occupation, including two million Palestinians in Gaza, in which the Israeli blockade has destroyed the health sector, and is now in dire need of humanitarian aid and vaccines to combat the epidemic.

Meanwhile, they welcomed President Biden’s administration’s intention to resume support for UNRWA, noting that Trump’s decision to stop support for the Palestinians was one of the most egregious American policies against the Palestinian people.

The members recalled previous letters they sent to the US State Department to protest against the Trump administration’s support for the intention of Israel to unilaterally annex Palestinian lands, expressing their relief that the Biden administration stood against any unilateral Israeli annexation.

They stressed that the continuation of Israel to settle in the Palestinian land, including Jerusalem, in addition to the ongoing demolitions, is another example of the de facto annexation process, which the United States administration should unequivocally condemn, as settlements are illegal under international laws.

In their letter, the members called on President Biden’s administration to officially cancel Trump’s “Deal of the Century” plan, which gives Israel the green light to annex 30% of the West Bank area outside the framework of negotiations.

Source : Safa