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Comrades of the Media,

Let me start with a word of thanks.  We are grateful for the substantive coverage you have given us in the last 6 weeks – the official launch of our Congress programme here at the Freedom Centre;  our Opening Ceremony on 31 July and today’s Congress Report Launch.  We would like to express our appreciation for clear, unbiased, and analytical coverage that the Media, and particularly those of you on the political beat, have given to our work in these particularly challenging times. Ayekoo!

Comrades, we have invited you here today to conclude the 2021 Congress cycle – by presenting our Congress report to you.  This 100-page illustrated report includes all the documents submitted to Congress plenary.  It contains the Standing Committee’s 2 reports to Congress.  It contains the reports of the 5 Commissions that deliberated respectively on Constitutional, Gender, International, National and Youth Affairs.  And it contains the Final Resolutions of Congress. It also includes summaries of Solidarity Messages we received from well-wishers.

Comrades, we hope that the Media will do three things with this report.  First, we hope that you will read it critically and provide us with feedback.  Second, we hope you will use it as a reference point in your future reportage – holding us accountable for the values and commitments we made in Winneba. Third, we hope that you will popularise it and the agenda SMG is offering Ghanaians so that they can also evaluate our agenda and help hold us accountable and hopefully join our project to rebuild our country on prosperous, equitable, just, and sustainable lines; i.e. to finally achieve Osagyefo’s socialist dream for Ghana and Africa.

Comrades, our Congress achieved all our objectives.  First, we met.  Bringing 160 comrades from all over Ghana, West Africa, Africa, and 4 other continents to discuss the socialist project in Ghana is an achievement.  We are especially gratified that most of those who represented Collectives were young Ghanaians! There is a future.

Second, we met safely – no mean feat in the middle of a pandemic that has disrupted travel and gatherings all over the world.  Though there were lapses from which we must learn lessons, for the most part our cadre and visitors were scrupulously Covid compliant.

Third, we completed our agenda.  We held substantive discussions and-self-educated in Commission on all the key areas that we set out for consideration. We formalised the transition from SFG to SMG democratically by adopting a new constitution and issuing a Final Resolution that represents clear values and the outlines of a work programme for the next 4 years.  We further tasked our new Central Committee to develop, deepen, and implement the outlined programme.  We held the first Central Committee meeting the day after the Congress and gave out specific assignments to the Standing Committee regarding these tasks which will be considered at our next Central Committee meeting in 6 months. 

Fourth, beyond the formal tasks of Congress, all of us, Ghanaian and international delegates alike forged new connections, strengthened networks, learned lessons, developed perspectives, generated curiosity, renewed inspiration,  set new aspirations, and found new energy, for struggle. 

Comrades, The road ahead will be difficult.  But we are confident that we have made a good start. Everybody who participated in the process has reason to feel inspired by Winneba and must also feel accountable to the vision captured in this response.

And now, Comrades, our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Kyeretwie Opoku


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