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Sixty-six (66) years ago today, Ghana became independent from United Kingdom. In this era of a return to the IMF for a bailout and of “haircuts” and with pensioners taking to the streets to protest, it is worth asking: “DID WE GO OR DID WE COME? What has happened to our glorious independence that was celebrated throughout Africa and the world and was a beacon of hope to other nations to fight for their political independence? What has happened to this once illustrious BLACK STAR of Africa that illuminated across Africa and gave hope to all oppressed people across the world?

For us in the Social Justice Movement of Ghana (SJMG), this year’s independence should be a day for a very sober reflection about the state of the nation called Ghana. The SJMG set out Republic Day (1st July) as its day of commemoration and to reflect on how far we have come in our journey as a Republic free from the dictates of her Majesty’s government. This year it is has become imperative for us reflect on what has gone so fundamentally wrong with our independence that we have become a beggar nation waiting to be “colonised”. We were once a nation that promised much and delivered at independence

with clear programmes for transforming Ghana in a way capable of improving the living conditions of our people and lifting them out of poverty. Today, we are in a situation where even to obtain employment in the government and security sectors, poor unemployment job seekers have to find thousands of Ghana cedis to pay people in positions of power? Without cash or influence on the “protocol” list, it is impossible to secure a job. What has happened to a country that once had free medical care and education services across the country but can only now offer mediocre services? Is it not an irony that in this 21st Century,

Radio and TV channels are routinely being used to appeal for funds from the public to support people who are sick but have no money to pay for their treatments? Our road infrastructure is to a large extent shattered and restricted to the main highways with the rural roads where our food is grown being left to

fend for themselves? And yet we continue to “vote” these two tarnished parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) into power. And the NPP now has the impudence to want to break the two-term election cycle and by so doing prolong our misery. And the NDC is waiting in the wings promising to take us out of our predicament but Ghanaians should know by now that the value is the same – there will be no end to our misery.

Today we want to continue to call on our people and want to make them aware that that there is a way out. We should not put our hands on our heads and cry out in desperation. We should not continually keep on alternating between these two anachronistic parties, thinking that one of them will bring about our salvation.

No, the salvation lies in our own hands. There is an alternative. And the alternative is to work towards a new political formation that will compete for political power to right the wrongs once we win political power.

That is why we in the SJMG are working with the Progressive Alliance for Ghana (PAG). The PAG is a new political party that is oriented towards making itself available to working people across Ghana. The PAG want ordinary people to use this political formation as an alternative to the NPP/NDC. It aims to be a party of the people and for the people. It has no other interest than being a vehicle for ordinary people to use and fight to liberate themselves from centuries of domination, colonialisation and neo-colonialisation.
The PAG is an alliance of progressive organisations and individuals who believe in our great Osagyefo Rd. Kwame Nkrumah wanted to achieve for Ghana.

The PAG does not want power for a group of elites to join the race to loot the nation’s resources for themselves and impoverish our people. We sincerely and graciously want ordinary people to take over power and implement policies and programmes that will lead to their benefit.

The PAG wants to establish a new society. A society that will complete our struggle for independence. We want a government that will ensure that we have an appreciable share of our mineral wealth. It is our view that over 50% of our mineral wealth should go towards the people of our country. With our vast natural resources, which we must aim to control, we do not have to go to the IMF and World Bank begging for money. We want a government that will ensure the industrial take off of our economy and then provide jobs and goods for our people. We want an accountable and transparent government. We want a government of integrity and transparency.

It is only a government with integrity and care for our people that can embark on programmes that will lead to the development of the country and lift us out of poverty and deprivation.

In this light we call on all progressives, revolutionaries, pan-Africanists, nationalists and like-minded people to come together and use the PAG as an alternative to the existing one-party system that is masquerading as a two-party system. Now is the time to end the decades of getting progressives forces searching for a path to combat the neo-colonial state. Some of us have created a base and it is high time to join us and ensure that we use it for our liberation.

We salute all those who for years and despite the odds have remained faithful to the cause of our people. Through our tenacity we will achieve our goal of liberating this country.
Happy Independence Day today.

The Struggle Continues.
Forward Ever, Backwards Never

If you require further information, please contact: Phanuel 0208850004, Hillary Adongo 0209381802, Nyeya Yen 0542026869 & Richard Asueme 0202228991

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