How Is AI Useful in Marketing: All You Must Know

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It is evident that artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way. The first significant work related to it is done by Alan Turing. This happened during the mid-20th century. Back then, the machine he built (the Turing machine) was able to decode symbols and incorporate them with words. 

He then insisted that machines can surely learn from experience. This breakthrough paved the way for the machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence that we know today.

Artificial intelligence continued to evolve. We now have different platforms and tools that use such discipline. In fact, researchers, scientists, and even marketers are continuously developing AI. Their goal is to hone it for more efficient usage.

For example, our smartphones have built-in AI. Arguably, the most popular AI is Alexa. Can you recall how many times Alexa switched off the light for you? I bet she reminded you about your schedule and tasks a few times too.

Artificial intelligence is also noticeable when browsing the internet. I know you have already encountered a few chatbots when visiting some sites. It is proof that AI has been around us even before we start noticing it.

It is evident that artificial intelligence changed society. It posed significant changes when it comes to data automation and machine learning. But can they really be useful in terms of marketing? 

The Uses of AI In Marketing

Some marketers might find AI unreliable. However, they undergo a series of tests before being launched. There are also sets of practices that aim to deploy ML models and maintain them and numerous AI software. It is called machine learning operations or MLOps. Machine learning operations streamline the process of producing, monitoring, and maintaining different models. 

In overview, it is used to efficiently produce quality and reliable software for any industry including marketing. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy and productivity of AI in marketing.

Below are some of the ways you can use artificial intelligence for your marketing efforts. 

         1. Provide Chatbots

The use of chatbots has been widely popular among websites. Especially, if you are selling products or an e-commerce platform. The use of chatbots has been possible due to the development of natural language processing (NLP). Of course, with the help of AI. 

NLP is the process of finding the meaning behind the sentences or inputs of the user. In this case, a user can ask a chatbot. The chatbot must process the words of the user and provide the right answer as a reply.

s customer service representatives. They can provide easy solutions to simple questions in real-time. However, there are still processes that chatbots cannot do. Given that, it is still an essential tool. 

Using a chatbot minimizes the queueing line for customer service. It also gives space to customer service agents. Therefore giving them more time to perform complicated queries. 

         2. Curate Personal Recommendations

When browsing through some apps or websites, I bet you have already seen curated lists for you. For example, Spotify has a section labelled “Made For You”. This section contains songs similar to the ones you liked, saved, or listened to.

Another example is when you go to YouTube. They will show you recommended videos based on what you recently watched. It can also include the trending videos in your country. The same goes with Netflix which has its Daily Top 10 list.

Curated personal recommendations entice users to stay on the platform longer. They encourage you to use their services more or buy more from their site.×280&!l&btvi=19&fsb=1&xpc=QJDRsTKazC&p=https%3A//

        3. Produce Better Customer Experience

One reason why we use AI in marketing is because of the customers. AIs such as chatbots and personalized recommendations will give the customers a better experience on the platform.

         4. Suggest Ads Placements

Of course, marketing is not all about user experience. It also includes people who work in the back end. They were the ones that made it possible for you to see their content and brand. For example, you saw their advertisement.

         5. Supply Relevant and Accurate Data

Artificial intelligence is fed with accurate and relevant data through machine learning. With so much data available, AIs were able to collect them and make a cohesive report relevant to the market.

         6. Improve Marketing Contents

Producing great marketing content is important for a brand. Everything said and done will reflect the values of the brand. It is also a key factor in getting more audience. Publishing content changed a lot since the rise of social media. 

Social media allows posts to be liked or shared. This causes it to circulate further on the internet. However, there are risks with having a lot of audiences. Especially if you published some grammatical or typographical errors.

Brands can be heavily criticized for producing erroneous content. However, this could be easily avoided with the use of artificial intelligence. A popular tool for checking these types of errors is Grammarly.

         7. Engage Customers

AI can provide data to make your customers heavily engaged in your content. For example, AI could process this data and inform you of the user’s usual pattern. For example, which kinds of posts the user tends to stay longer and which ones are skipped.

Tools as such provide ideas to marketers on how they could improve the content they are making.

         8. Automate Tasks

A marketer’s task is not always easy. There are a lot of things to do and take note of all the time. You always have to connect with people to introduce your brand and build trust in between.

For example, promotional emails. They play an important part in marketing. However, it will consume a lot of time if you had to send them one by one. Thankfully, artificial intelligence provided us with tools that can automate such tasks.

You do not need to worry about forgetting to send an email because these tools will do it for you in bulk!

AI as the Future of Marketing

Artificial intelligence stepped up the game for marketing and research. There are a lot of accessible AI tools that a marketer can use. However, keep in mind that these tools are here only to guide us through. It does not intend to completely replace manpower.

For the best marketing results, take advantage of all the free AI software you find useful!

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