Electoral Commission’s Swift Changes Draw Concerns

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Professor Kwaku Asare, a Fellow of the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), has cautioned the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Jean Mensa, against hasty and untested implementation of significant electoral policy changes. His remarks come in response to the recent announcement by Mrs. Mensa that the use of indelible ink would be discontinued in elections conducted by the commission.

Indelible ink, a crucial tool in preventing electoral fraud such as double voting, has been a standard feature in Ghana’s electoral process. However, Mrs. Mensa argued that with the introduction of biometric machines, the ink has become obsolete. The biometric identification system, she explained, now effectively prevents individuals from casting multiple votes.

Professor Asare, popularly known as Kwaku Azar, emphasized the importance of piloting such transformative changes before full-scale implementation. He urged the Electoral Commission to build consensus through pilot testing, ensuring that any technological advancements are reliable and inspire confidence among the public.

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