Can NPP looked outside Allan/Bawumia factor and Mandate Honourable Addai NIMO come 2024 and beyonds?

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Honourable Addai NIMO

Fellow Patriots,it’s high time NPP looked outside Allan/ Bawumia factor and trust their mandates and power to Incorruptible, humble, God fearing and Hardworking Honourable Addai NIMO to lead the party come 2024 and beyonds.

I have NEVER EVER missed the news headlines be in on SOCIAL MEDIA, DAILIES, RADIOS ETC and l think to break the 8 is a Herculean task looking at the current situations which the Goverment is facing and will be facing in the subsequent years to come , our performance will never match our previous performance a fact we should be able to accept.

With NDC likely to bring JM as Presidential Aspirant come 2024 , Ghanaians would not be ready to buy into FREE SHS,ONE DISTRICT ONE FACTORY, ONE VILLAGE ONE DAM, TRAINING ALLOWANCES, NABCO ETC and vote , they will also NEVER EVER buy into this Guinea fowls,SADA , FORD, DUMSO, CORRUPTION, INCOMPETENT, DEAD GOAT, IBRAHIM MAHAMA, ETC AGAINST JM PROPAGANDA.

As l am typing Allan and Bawumia being part of the Goverment are being bashed even harder by some well meaning business tycoons like Sir Sam Jonah, Paa Kwasi Ndoum,etc same as Allan with his Cash for Seats ALLEGED SCANDAL and Ghanaians are picking it up and getting angry with NPP despite the Economic gains choked in the first term.

What negative propaganda will you think Ghanaians will buy with Honourable Addai NIMO as NPP Presidential Candidate ? None.

He Honourable Addai NIMO COMMANDS RESPECT ACROSS POLITICAL PARTIES and also Religious, Enthnic , Economic lines and will be BEST

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